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Intro to #Gemini by @sfreynolds

My fave astrologer drops knowledge about my people. ^_^
Samuel F. Reynolds @sfreynolds

See, here's the truth. Astrologers pay attention to 360 degrees of the Zodiac. Muggles pay attention to signs. Big difference. #astrology

21/05/2012 16:32:19 WIB
Samuel F. Reynolds @sfreynolds

The degrees of your chart matter most to an astrologer. Telling me your sign is like saying, "I'm Black," or "I'm American."

21/05/2012 16:33:14 WIB
Samuel F. Reynolds @sfreynolds

But if I know the degree of your planets or 4 angles in your chart, then I know, "Your name is so-so and you live at 123 Main St. in..."

21/05/2012 16:34:15 WIB
Samuel F. Reynolds @sfreynolds

In #Aries, there is a spark of identity, that manifests as "I am," seeking to manifest the Self. In #Taurus, the spark congeals in matter.

21/05/2012 18:11:03 WIB
Samuel F. Reynolds @sfreynolds

As that spark congeals in matter, it can identify w/ the matter to become "I am that." However, eventually the spark wants more.

21/05/2012 18:11:38 WIB
Samuel F. Reynolds @sfreynolds

That moment of wanting more & yet wanting to dissociate from the "I am that," to reflect on "that," to play w/ "that," challenge "that"...

21/05/2012 18:12:48 WIB
Samuel F. Reynolds @sfreynolds #Gemini. #Gemini becomes the spark and the reflection of the spark. The twins represent the moment of one become two.

21/05/2012 18:13:39 WIB
Samuel F. Reynolds @sfreynolds

#Gemini is one of my favorite signs because it is the perhaps the 2nd most maligned sign of the Zodiac after my own, #Scorpio.

21/05/2012 18:14:29 WIB
Samuel F. Reynolds @sfreynolds

However, I think the malignment w/ #Gemini is more interesting and funnier. People lose the capacity to talk. #ExhibitA "Two-faceded."

21/05/2012 18:15:15 WIB
Samuel F. Reynolds @sfreynolds

Now, I always hear that "slur" when it comes to #Gemini and I've come to hate it. Not only because it's a slur, but it's horrible grammar.

21/05/2012 18:16:00 WIB
Samuel F. Reynolds @sfreynolds

Gracious is the #Gemini who corrects. "It's two-faced, and no, I'm not."

21/05/2012 18:16:43 WIB
Samuel F. Reynolds @sfreynolds

Anyway, the one that becomes two can be reflected in so many polarities of myth for #Gemini that I can't compose an extensive list.

21/05/2012 18:17:27 WIB
Samuel F. Reynolds @sfreynolds

But I like positioning #Gemini as the risk-taking dynamic between the heart and mind, without privileging either one.

21/05/2012 18:18:14 WIB
Samuel F. Reynolds @sfreynolds

This is hard for most people, because they always want to take a stance with one or the other, and #Gemini just refuses to do so.

21/05/2012 18:18:43 WIB
Samuel F. Reynolds @sfreynolds

People will often lead with a treacly, unchallenged sentimentalism of the #heart, which #Gemini challenges cuz it wants to know...for real

21/05/2012 18:19:32 WIB
Samuel F. Reynolds @sfreynolds

Know what? Well, that's the interesting and perhaps frustrating aspect of #Gemini pursuits. They may not know what they want to know.

21/05/2012 18:20:10 WIB
Samuel F. Reynolds @sfreynolds

And this is where the heart comes in, because their heart tells them that there is something, there is meaning and their mind burns for it

21/05/2012 18:20:48 WIB
Samuel F. Reynolds @sfreynolds

But the mind will never believe that wholly. The mind only trusts the heart so much before it decides that it has to move on.

21/05/2012 18:22:03 WIB
Samuel F. Reynolds @sfreynolds

And it's not just the refusal to take a particular stance that bothers most ppl abt. #Gemini. It is also the speed at which they...

21/05/2012 18:22:50 WIB
Samuel F. Reynolds @sfreynolds

...arrive and get to conclusions. So that confuses ppl. "You were here yesterday, but now you're over here! Two-faceded!"

21/05/2012 18:23:50 WIB
Samuel F. Reynolds @sfreynolds

Well, here's what the #Gemini may not say. "I reasoned that you were heading toward a dead-end. As much as I like u, I didn't want to..."

21/05/2012 18:24:25 WIB
Samuel F. Reynolds @sfreynolds

"...end up with the short end of the stick. And you're not that loyal of a friend anyway as your constant gossip w/ me illustrates."

21/05/2012 18:25:01 WIB
Samuel F. Reynolds @sfreynolds

Of course, ppl will get tight and say that Gemini gossip too. Here's the thing. Pay very close attention to how a Gemini talks. Always.

21/05/2012 18:25:42 WIB
Samuel F. Reynolds @sfreynolds

What appears random may not be purposeful, but don't think there isn't a purpose or a logic at work.

21/05/2012 18:26:05 WIB
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