gerth flury @gerthflury
http://t.co/BEB6Sc30Jr Here’s The Argument That The Entire World Economy Is Starting To Go Bad
David Guetta @davidguetta
Hey UK! I'm @rihanna's special guest on her Diamonds Tour. Are u coming to party with us? Last few tix available here http://t.co/JeNvLlhqy4
Ludacris @Ludacris
Ha!! RT @imbenofficial: @Ludacris slick how you put that Conjour cognac in Fast 6, game recognize game
Dane Cook @DaneCook
Exclusive deleted scene from Fast and the Furious 6. https://t.co/J1dZX0wP4L
Dane Cook @DaneCook
Looking at a movie seating chart. Hey, theaters! Can we stop making'em look like video games from 1981 and get a real photo of the theater.
Dane Cook @DaneCook
Sorry everyone that last tweet was meant to be a DM for @Shakira
Dane Cook @DaneCook
I'm not interested in your bullshit anymore. In fact i've never been interested in your bullshit. Stop calling me at all times of the night.
Dane Cook @DaneCook
I love random acts of sexual refreshment.
Dane Cook @DaneCook
I have the greatest friends you could want. I have the most dedicated fans. I love my life. I'm proud to say I've given more than gotten.
KATY PERRY @katyperry
When you come to a fork in the road, take it! -Yogi Berra
Mark Aldworth @MWAldworth
My entire news feed is full of @Ludacris retweets. This new mix tape must be something special #LudaNation
American Idol @AmericanIdol
Did you catch Haley Reinhart & Casey Abrams' finale pre-show performance? Here it is in case you missed it: http://t.co/VdyeY5Nm2i
The Rolling Stones @RollingStones
Carrie and Mick performing IT'S ONLY ROCK 'N' ROLL (BUT I LIKE IT) #Stones50 @carrieunderwood @MickJagger http://t.co/frw70b2efL
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Hollywood Cole @Cole_Himself
Listening to this new @Ludacris mixtape and deleting songs off my ipod in the process to make room for it
a. trevi @amarroquin2
@Ludacris I loved you in Fast and furious!! Awesome movie love it!! I'm so excited for the next one!! (:
hunter sidzyik @dukeboy6
Everyone see fast6 the best movie to start off summer @Ludacris
Bex® @BexUnit
@Ludacris IDGAF goin straight to my phone..shit is too damn DOPE!!!


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