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I Jornada sobre Traducción y Emprendimiento
Rainy London (Val) @rainylondon

#TraduEmprende knowing your avatar client influences the whole business .@mstelmaszak

24/05/2013 18:33:35 WIB
nachtee @nachtee

When you design your website having an ideal avatar in mind helps so you are writing to SOMEONE. #traduemprende

24/05/2013 18:34:28 WIB
TraduEmprende @TraduEmprende

Now... THE MAGIC :) @mstelmaszak #traduemprende Where to find clients? How to convince them?

24/05/2013 18:34:46 WIB
Olatz Rodríguez @transolatzion

Q: How can you adjust your services to your clients if you have none but you want to start a business? #TraduEmprende

24/05/2013 18:34:49 WIB
Iciar Pertusa @IciarPertusa

Learn how your client operates. Speak his language and make yourself understandable. #traduemprende

24/05/2013 18:34:57 WIB
Rainy London (Val) @rainylondon

#TraduEmprende don't quote lawyers x word - they don't care. Give them a total & break it down 2 explain what that includes .@mstelmaszak

24/05/2013 18:35:06 WIB
Javi Mallo @javmallo

Remember: most clients have no clue as to what a price per word is. Talk the talk. #traduemprende

24/05/2013 18:35:32 WIB
Lourdes Yagüe Lobo @LYLtraductora

¿cómo encontrar clientes y conseguir convencerles? #traduemprende

24/05/2013 18:36:10 WIB
TraduEmprende @TraduEmprende

Go to where your clients hang out. You can't stay in front of your computer and just hope they find you. #traduemprende @mstelmaszak

24/05/2013 18:36:50 WIB
Lourdes Yagüe Lobo @LYLtraductora

"@rainylondon: #TraduEmprende don't quote lawyers x word - they don't care. Give them a total & break it down 2 explain what that includes

24/05/2013 18:36:51 WIB
Iciar Pertusa @IciarPertusa

Don't wait for clients to find you. Go find them to the places they are. #traduemprende

24/05/2013 18:37:17 WIB
Alexandra Stephens @Alejandrita1976

Great point by @mstelmaszak about explaining to the client both what it will COST and what your services will INCLUDE. #TraduEmprende

24/05/2013 18:37:46 WIB
Sara Hernández @sarahdezpozuelo

Recomiendo la presentación de @mstelmaszak en #TraduEmprende a todo emprendedor. Aún podéis verla en directo aquí:"l

24/05/2013 18:39:40 WIB
Elena Nevado @Midintrans

Los clientes están en todos lados pero tenemos que saber encontrarlos #traduemprende

24/05/2013 18:39:55 WIB
Lourdes Yagüe Lobo @LYLtraductora

Habla con el cliente, hazle preguntas...conoce a tu cliente #traduemprende @mstelmaszak

24/05/2013 18:40:30 WIB
TraduEmprende @TraduEmprende

It's not just about selling. It's about getting to know and understand your clients. Ask questions and learn. @mstelmaszak #traduemprende

24/05/2013 18:41:12 WIB
Sara Hernández @sarahdezpozuelo

@mstelmaszak and everyone watching her presentation: What if you have several different ideal clients? #traduemprende

24/05/2013 18:42:21 WIB
Rainy London (Val) @rainylondon

#TraduEmprende the truest of truth? Most clients r actually disappointed by #xl8 services off the 1st google result. That's where U step in!

24/05/2013 18:43:02 WIB
Alexandra Stephens @Alejandrita1976

Sometimes you have to take a deep breath and step outside your comfort zone in order to find, and meet, your clients #TraduEmprende

24/05/2013 18:43:03 WIB
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