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Before we get started, a warning. What you’re about to read is going to sound at first like something cooked up by the same folks who gave us the oxymoronic (and otherwise moronic) advertising slogan “Clean Coal.” It will sound like a fantasy story even a Fox News anchor would not dare announce: “Coal—The Biodiversity Fuel.” Read More
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Jim Ross @JRsBBQ
@angeldawnkris: @JRsBBQ @ShawnMichaels @WWE I will be there with my son and hubby!!” See you in Salt Lake City! Mavricks S Temple 3-4:30!
Jim Ross @JRsBBQ
@teachermike72: @JRsBBQ Hey JR what is the brand of the hat you wear and where can I get one? @Resistolhats 200X.
Aiden Yun @AidenYune Crown Jakarta Management - New Discovery: One Good Thing Coal Does for Nature | Facebook
Jim Ross @JRsBBQ
Thx to all that attended @wwe NXT tonight. Kids worked hard. Some really nice bouts. Women's tourney started. SLC bound Fri early. @Delta
Jennifer Lopez @JLo
Love this BTS video w/ me & @Pitbull 4 the making of #LiveItUp!! Watch it on @thealmonte
A. Z. Martinez @azmartinez
@jrsbbq @steveaustinbsr I heard it, great stuff as always from Steve! And I always love to hear from Good Oh JR!
Stephanie McMahon @StephMcMahon
@Linda_McMahon: Having a wonderful evening. Dinner with my awesome daughter.” I Love U Momma!!!
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Kelly Clarkson @kellyclarkson
In the studio with @shanemcanally and friends recording :) Seriously, Nashville musicians are so talented and just c…
Jim Ross @JRsBBQ
Did anyone like the @steveaustinBSR podcast today? Heard the guest was a BBQ selling, Beef Jerky eating, #Sooners loving, son if a gun. :)
Lance Storm @LanceStorm
Enjoyed hearing @JRsBBQ on the #steveaustinshow today. Can't wait for part 2. FYI the show is FREE
NXT is live at @FullSail in just a few short hours! To win some VERY special prizes mention us with the hashtag #NXTFullSailLive!...
Jim Ross @JRsBBQ
@7steelersrings: @JRsBBQ What are your thoughts on former #Sooner now @steelers WR @justinbrown19?” Very classy kid. Big wideout/PR.
Jim Ross @JRsBBQ
@BrentBellman: @JRsBBQ Random question: how did you get interested in the "sports entertainment" industry?” Life long fan. Still am!
Jim Ross @JRsBBQ
Excited to fly early FRI am on @Delta to Salt Lake City for HBK nite. Come see me at MAVERIK Store 3620 S West Temple @ 3-4:30 pm. @WWE
Jim Ross @JRsBBQ
Toured the new, WWE PERFORMANCE CENTER today. It's due to open in a few weeks but will be a difference maker. Absolutely spectacular! @WWE
FLO RIDA @official_flo
You know we got that drank! What will you be sipping on Memorial Weekend? #tellmewhenyouready
It's official: @WWE has gone to the dogs! ... Post your favorite WWE-themed pooch pics with tag #WWEDogs.
Rafael Salguero @rafaelsalguero
@K1047 can you play @JLo's new single #LiveItUp !! I love her Billboard Performance this weekend! summer is on the air


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