#ictedu The 8th ICT in Education Conference, 2012

The eighth ICT in Education Conference was hosted by LIT Tipperary on Saturday 19th of May 2012. The theme of the 2012 event is Learning Spaces:If learning is to be constant, Space, Time, Technology, Pedagogy, Curriculum must be the Variables.
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ICT in Education @ICTedu
The live stream for #ictedu is at
Conor Galvin @_conorgalvin
#ictedu Tipp; up and running. Chair for the morning session; Marie Hinfelar says ' Tap away...' :-)
Pam @pamelaaobrien
RT @Limerick_IT: Our President Dr Maria Hinfelaar opens the #ictedu conference 2012 at LIT Thurles this morning. http://t.co/4ZCk4ceD
Conor Galvin @_conorgalvin
#ictedu Tipp; Ira and PamBernie mikes up Ira... :-)
Helen Bullock @HellBullock
RT @fboss: Watching the live stream for #ictedu at #edchatie
fboss @fboss
Foot-tapping start to #ictedu courtesy of @irasocol Looking @ learning spaces.
Conor Galvin @_conorgalvin
#ictedu Tipp; Ira and Pam; Ropes, spacehoppers, cup stacking.... 'storytellers, architects, inventors'
Pam @pamelaaobrien
RT @seomraranga: @irasocol ".... Letting the past control our future"? Is this what's happening in our education system? #ictedu
Conor Galvin @_conorgalvin
#ictedu Tipp; Ira and Pam; quiet spaces in among the more frenetic... library time.
Pam @pamelaaobrien
@fboss @pammoran @irasocol what goes on tour stays on tour :-) except when it goes on YouTube, twitter ... #ictedu
Conor Galvin @_conorgalvin
#ictedu Tipp; Ira and Pam. A b@ttle Hymn for a new Republic... :-) Liberating Classrooms through Technology Choice.
fboss @fboss
@samoth36 Enjoy #ictedu - great conference & looks like this year will top last year already
MissionV @MissionVHQ
RT @_conorgalvin: #ictedu Tipp; Ira and Pam. Creating studios for the imagination....
Conor Galvin @_conorgalvin
#ictedu Tipp; Ira and Pam; Spaces; time... 'now you learn, now you stop' but learning has always been something we do all the time.
Bernie Goldbach @topgold
Putting the technologies of schools under the #ictedu microscope.
Pam @pamelaaobrien
RT @_conorgalvin: #ictedu Tipp; Ira and Pam. 'There is nothing natural in a school environment.'
Mary Loftus @marloft
Time is the first variable in setting up our learning spaces. It's not a constant - it's a variable - we can change it - @irasocol #ictedu
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