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Dara Ó Briain @daraobriain
There is a point during these twitter spats that it feels like this How I love it so!
Sarah Millican @SarahMillican75
Bloody lovely night @frogandbucket. Brilliant middle acts were Dan Evans , @steveshanyaski and MC @jonathanmayor. Thanks to ace audience xx
Dara Ó Briain @daraobriain
Those who replied that the WBC haven't decaptitated anyone; it doesn't actually change the point being made. KKK another example, then
Dara Ó Briain @daraobriain
Excellent point. RT @YasiraJaan: Muslims view "Islamic" terrorists the same way most Christians view the Westboro Baptist Church...
Rylan Clark-Neal @Rylan
Sheeeessss baaaccckkk! @NicoleScherzy best judge in the world. Xxx
Jack Whitehall @jackwhitehall
I really want Neil to say 'Lord Sugar at the end of the day Kirks Milkshake didn't bring enough boys to the yard' #apprentice
Jack Whitehall @jackwhitehall
Settling in for The Apprentice. how many times will we hear the sentence 'I'm a salesman, that what I do' this week.
Sarah Millican @SarahMillican75
Huge book recommendation (book is not huge, recom is). Me Before You by the brilliant @jojomoyes. Laughed, cried, I miss it in my handbag.
Nicole Scherzinger @NicoleScherzy
I wouldn't mind one day growing old and fat in Italy eating pizza and pasta! Bon a petito!
Antony764d @AntonyOnlyFans
@NicoleScherzy Omg am so happy Scherzy is back on the x factor! aaa im screamiin!! cant waitt to see u on my screen Shaamaaazingggg
Kye.🐝 @itsmekye
I'm SO glad @NicoleScherzy is back for #TheXFactor season 10 <3 woohoo!!
Nicole Scherzinger @NicoleScherzy
AHHH! Its a true story, Im coming back to the @TheXFactor!!! Lets do this together UK!!! UK @AlibabaTalk_UK
It's all about girl power! Watch the trailer of #alibaba's campaign 'Empower Women, Enable Possibilities' here
Chris Moyles @ChrisMoyles
RT “@Lord_Sugar: Tonight's task is about opening a farm shop. Some of them really milk the opportunity” Banned for 1 hour for bad pun!
Dara Ó Briain @daraobriain
Ha! 2nd track I played! Now on "professional Widow" RT @_Heisenbird_: Bucketheads - The Bomb.
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Skye Grillet @SkyeGrillet 23/05/2013 14:29:03 WIB
C'est tout à fait surprenant ; Pourquoi est-ce que nous ne sommes pas payer plus d'attention à cette chose ?
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