Your #Brain on #Cellphone

A new study suggests that prolonged cellphone usage stimulates brain metabolism. Will these findings change your cellphone habits? Twitter users weigh in with their fears, jokes, and musings in response to the news. Feel free to edit. A video about the study:
cellphone radiation brain
Gwynne Monahan @econwriter5
Cellphone use tied to changes in brain activity. Maybe we're just a phone call away from being #ibm #watson.
Tom Oliveri @tomkoliveri
Cellphone radiation heightens brain activity; maybe we should try crosswords instead:
@RajeevSrinivasa Cellphone use may be harmful for the brain. In India, 2G affects nation's health and polity's integrity.
Chris @ChrisThaRev
Cellphone exposure linked to changes in brain activity (Where's my tinfoil hat??) #Verizon #Sprint #ATT #news
Ben Hirschler @reutersBenHir
Spending 50 minutes with a cellphone plastered to your ear can change brain cell activity - but does it do any harm?
carphoneprincesshay @wireless1706
well next we will be told it increases fertility???? Radiation from cellphone antenna boosts brain activity, (cont)
Zorba Paster @DRZORBA
AMA study shows that the cell phone antenna just MIGHT alter brain metaolism. Blue tooth might lessen this risk. Controversial study !
This is why i'm so smart! :-) #Cellphone study: Cellphone radiation heightens brain activity, study finds -
Eun Yang @eunyangnbc
NIH says cellphone use increases brain activity, no more than if performing other simple functions. Researcher switching to earpiece.
DonIrvine @DonIrvine
ABC News: Cell phones mysterious effect on the brain.
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Robin Meade @RobinMeade
Cell Phones excite the area of your brain closest to the built-in antennae. And it's noticeable after just fifty minutes on the yacker.
This electrical engineer has NEVER believed there is a link between cell phones and brain tumors / cancer.
Andrew Carter @andrewcarter800
A new study .. 50-minutes on a cell phone is enough to change your brain’s cell activity. What that mean, brain?
Christine Delargy @CADelargy
Sure.. As soon as whole country converts to texting only communication, we learn talking on cell phone actually stimulates brain activity
Brook Langston @BrookLangston
now they saying cell phones cause brain damage...NO KIDDING...ever try to set the alarm clock on one of em?
JT @Heinzfieldguy
New study shows cell phones can affect your brain. So that's why people who walk around with cell phones glued to their heads are ass holes
an joe online (...jonline?) @joebe4rd
Really???? / sarcasm. Cellphone use affects brain activity
TD Trask @tdtrask
Study on cellphones says they impact brain activity. Watch people drive with them while on 'em will tell you that.
Amy Williams @aim3
Ahhh... Cell phone's cause brain cell stress which in some can lead to tumors. Blueteeth for everyone :)
Seth Kovar @sethkovar
Disturbing results from a study on cell phones and your brain. Story right now on GMT
So one study states that cell phones cause some sort of brain change. Ok ONE bloody study. Give me 6-12 and I will begin to believe it!
CTV Canada AM @CTVCanadaAM
New study shows what happens inside your brain when you use a cell phone - so our Your Say question today - does that worry you?


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