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Ars Memorativa-NAJIT2013

Compilation of tweets of NAJIT Conference 2013 published by Esther Navarro-Hall
Esther Navarro-Hall @MmeInterpreter

Attending a presentation by Agustin de la Mora: "Ars Memorativa" #NAJITConf2013

19/05/2013 04:35:35 WIB
Esther Navarro-Hall @MmeInterpreter

The majority of us think we have a bad memory. That's part of the "problem" with memory. #NAJITConf2013

19/05/2013 04:37:34 WIB
Esther Navarro-Hall @MmeInterpreter

Why do we remember certain information? Because we make a point to remember it. #NAJITConf2013

19/05/2013 04:41:06 WIB
Esther Navarro-Hall @MmeInterpreter

First rule of memory: If you want to remember something, you must make a conscious decision to remember it. #NAJITConf2013

19/05/2013 04:41:50 WIB
Esther Navarro-Hall @MmeInterpreter

We don't remember 'cause we don't pay attention. Take at least a sec. to "tell yourself" where you've left your keys/car. ;) #NAJITConf2013

19/05/2013 04:46:18 WIB
Esther Navarro-Hall @MmeInterpreter

Sometimes you "forget" during an exam because you give yourself the message that the exam is difficult and you will forget... #NAJITConf2013

19/05/2013 04:50:38 WIB
Esther Navarro-Hall @MmeInterpreter

...and your subconscious mind just follows your orders. #NAJITConf2013

19/05/2013 04:51:05 WIB
Esther Navarro-Hall @MmeInterpreter

Do you think you can remember 20 words or more? Do you remember the words to a song? Do you remember a poem, a prayer? #NAJITConf2013

19/05/2013 04:53:43 WIB
Esther Navarro-Hall @MmeInterpreter

That's more than 20 words. You remember movies, parts of dialogues, etc. #NAJITConf2013

19/05/2013 04:54:08 WIB
Esther Navarro-Hall @MmeInterpreter

When you remember things accurately, even from a movie, it's because actors/directors achieved the "suspension of disbelief" #NAJITConf2013

19/05/2013 04:56:00 WIB
Esther Navarro-Hall @MmeInterpreter

Part of being a good court interpreter is "stopping the disbelief" #NAJITConf2013

19/05/2013 04:56:27 WIB
Esther Navarro-Hall @MmeInterpreter

Improve your memory by using techniques that have nothing to do with court interpreting. #NAJITConf2013

19/05/2013 04:58:21 WIB
Gerda Prato-Espejo @gerdabilingual

Warm up your voice every morning. Humming and reading aloud were advised. #najitconf2013 #1nt

19/05/2013 05:07:40 WIB
Esther Navarro-Hall @MmeInterpreter

Talking about visualization... And linking all elements. It is called the "chain method". A mental picture... #NAJITConf2013

19/05/2013 05:18:52 WIB
Esther Navarro-Hall @MmeInterpreter

The more you practice visualizing and "putting yourself in it" the more you will stretch your memory. #NAJITConf2013

19/05/2013 05:30:47 WIB
Esther Navarro-Hall @MmeInterpreter

This technique helps with connecting events (for court interpreting). #NAJITConf2013

19/05/2013 05:32:26 WIB
Esther Navarro-Hall @MmeInterpreter

A good interpreter works w/ both: memory exercises and taking notes. Your mind is not like a bucket. It won't "fill up". #NAJITConf2013

19/05/2013 05:39:23 WIB
Esther Navarro-Hall @MmeInterpreter

Visualization comes from ancient oral traditions, when people did not write things down. The method of "loci" was created... #NAJITConf2013

19/05/2013 05:42:15 WIB
Esther Navarro-Hall @MmeInterpreter

...putting events in different "rooms" of the same "house". #NAJITConf2013

19/05/2013 05:43:06 WIB
Esther Navarro-Hall @MmeInterpreter

Practice, practice, practice, in order to stretch your memory. #NAJITConf2013

19/05/2013 05:59:21 WIB


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