A Child Named #Facebook from #Egypt

In honor of the role social media played in the revolution, an Egyptian couple has named their daughter "Facebook Jamal Ibrahim." I compiled a series of Tweets debating the cultural implications, in Egypt and abroad, of such a name. Please feel free to edit. A video discussion of the name: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkfh_oEUyNA
international Egypt name Facebook
yasb∞gie @yasboogie
Amusing US parents want kids to stop using Facebook, while #Egypt ppl want 2 name kids after it http://ow.ly/405NM ^@Liberationtech
Ink @JaeInkk
So in WORLD NEWS TODAY, a man in Egypt named his daughter "FACEBOOK Jamal Ibrahim"...I thought LaPorschea was a ghetto name
Jeff 🌎 @pophistory
A baby just born in Egypt was named "Facebook." Knowing how kids use nicknames, thank goodness they did not name the kid "Twitter."
James ▪️ @jamesldamico
to egyptians, FACEBOOK is not a "brand service", but an exotic english term for a name! cool cultural crossover .. http://bit.ly/eqn9uJ #cnn
Brenda Kasuva @BrendaKasuva
<NO, Seriously, should Facebook sue for using their trademark?>@comeupshuffle Did this man in Egypt name his newborn daughter "Facebook"
maria @airam87
I'm delighted by what happened in Egypt but to name your daughter 'Facebook' as a result... hmmm: http://bit.ly/eG5FQK
noran tarek @norantarek
A new born baby in egypt who goes by the name "facebook" I can already imagine her future! Getting bullyed!
Adam L. Penenberg @Penenberg
"To Celebrate #Jan25 Revolution Egyptian Names His Firstborn “Facebook” http://tinyurl.com/6bqkvus Note he didn't name her Malcolm Gladwell.
Egyptian dad names daughter 'Facebook'- I'm sure the name sounds more beautiful if you add an Egyptian accent to it. http://bit.ly/gBBQaK
carly @carlywoodrufff
lets name our kid facebook because we live in egypt, and this is the only way we can get people in the USA to noticed us. poor baby
Kali Ann @KaliAnnLive
Egypt guy names his child "facebook." AND YALL think I was social networking..... Should I name my kid Bella Twitter? lolol
Chani Deiber @chanideiber
So I always thought my name was crazy and hard to deal with BUT today I heard a couple in Egypt names their kid Facebook! Poor girl!
A guy in Egypt named his son Facebook. I'ma name my next kid after my favorite website, Redtube Dotcom Jordan.
David Tang @davidtangzc
There's one guy in Egypt who named his daughter Facebook. Imagine my future kid's name is Twitter Tang and his sis name Cozycot Tang. Haha!
ab̷stract ̷m͏ach͢ine @newchaos
Guy in Egypt names his kid "Facebook" ... eh, hokay. I'm gonna name my first Benedict Arnold.
Benjamin Goodwin @benjorama
Father names his newborn daughter 'Facebook.' Ironically, with that name, she wont ever have any friends. http://tinyurl.com/6exbcj6
L @LVPMusic
"Hi, name's Facebook". Get the "important movement fueled through net" thing, but this is retarded. http://twurl.nl/jgyru5 #egypt
and to name your #Egypt kid after @Facebook is like naming some #Germany kid DeWalt because his dad took slugs at #Berlin wall with it ...
Giovanni Taskolini @Taskism
Please don't name your kids after social networks. Sentiment found, judgment is M.I.A. http://bit.ly/h6ipHK
Jeff Hine @CTCjh
Just heard someone in Egypt named their newborn "Facebook" - so who here will volunteer to name their child "Cloud"
JerriAnnHenry @JerriAnnHenry
As they do in Egypt, I am going to name my children Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. But not Delicious because that would be weird. #fb
Kelsey Hagglund @KelseyHagglund
What's in a #Name? Is there branding behind given names. Would you name your child #Facebook or #Twitter? http://ow.ly/41qbo


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