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Will #Sudan's #Bashir Really Resign in 4 Years?

Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir has vowed to not seek reelection in 2015, and further claimed that his move has nothing to do with democratic movements spreading across the Middle East and North Africa. This statement has prompted vigorous debate on Twitter. I compiled the best Tweets...from Sudan, Africa, and overseas...below. Please feel free to edit for completeness. Read More
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Alfarouk @zolsudani
The Sudanese dictator Al-Bashir is weaker than any of the dictators fallen or about to fall - a little push would do him in no time #Sudan
Alfarouk @zolsudani
Authorities in Sudan blocked "tinyurl.com"! do they even know what they're doing? We are ruled by illiterates!
fustat @fustat
Sudan's Bashir will not stand for reelection-party (Reuters) http://bit.ly/eAae3U #Sudan #Bashir
arabist @arabist
Just in: Sudan's Omar Bashir won't stand for re-election in 2015. Pre-emptive move? I think north Sudan is pretty vulnerable...
Yahudi Sudani @SudanNoKayzan
For #Sudan latest news regarding the planned demonstrations today please visit us on http://on.fb.me/fIMkeI and http://on.fb.me/eOqSVz
Photojournalist @echwalu
@RosebellK Once untouchable. Bashir now wants to retire in peace hoping the #Hague is lenient enough to let him #ugandavotes #sudan
Abdallah A Tayeh @Abtayeh
@fustat That's in four years! Im sure he'll count on peoples short term memory when he decides to run for election. #Sudan #Fail #Bashir
Kamran Karadaghi @kmkaradaghi
Following Yemen's saleh Sudan's Bashir to step down at next election. Syrians can't expect same from Assad even in their wildest dreams.
Leslie Mouawad @LeslieMouawad
Did he even consider it! #Arabiyanews : source in governing party says Al Bashir will not run for the next presidential in #sudan
Calestous Juma @calestous
#Sudan's #Bashir sensibly says leaders should retire at 60. Voting age there is 17. Its is 21 in #Cameroon.
@ykhogaly Bashir is not a leader, he's a war criminal. The people in the north will be better of without him. #Sudan
Khalid Yousif @damazeen
Not enough. Bashir should resign and dismantle his party. Sudan needs regime change and new constitution. #sudan #jan25
Jimmy Kainja @JKainja
Is #Sudan's Omar al-Bashir trying to fend off potential protests? He's announced that he wont stand for re-election: http://t.co/AKEbZeG
Alfarouk @zolsudani
البشير: لن أترشح لفترة رئاسية جديدة - حقنة بنج موضعي للشعب السوداني #Sudan #Bashir
caesar @ccaeserdj
The people of #Sudan will not wait for Omar Bashir to end his term. He MUST go NOW like other dictators.
Mai El Khalifa @maiaelkhalifa
When things change by the day Al Bashir states that he will not stand for re election 2015, that's 4 years away! #sudan
Rod Downing @UntilAll
#Sudan says Pres. #Bashir won't seek re-election in 2015 - Someone feeling anxious?? Sudan Tribune: http://bit.ly/hOritP
Yahudi Sudani @SudanNoKayzan
@UntilAll Let's get this one straight please..He didn't win last election let alone future one! http://bit.ly/g8FG0z http://bit.ly/h9Thpw
Nadim Baba @NadimJBaba
Announcement by #Sudan's president Bashir that he won't stand in next elections "not because of pressure" senior official in party tells AJE
Atria Paramost @sapratama
Sudan's Bashir will not stand in next election. No more head of state immunity soon. Put this man on the dock at ICC. http://bit.ly/eN8ucr
Arati Kumar-Rao @AratiKumarRao
Who'd have thunk? amazing blaze of reflected #tunisian | #egyptian glory RT@wpreview Sudan's Bashir Not Seek Re-election http://ow.ly/40twT
Kenneth Roth @KenRoth
#Sudan: #Bashir says he won't run for re-election in 2015. Let's hope he's surrendered for trial long before then. http://bit.ly/igrwWB
Alfarouk @zolsudani
Al-Bashir's declaration that he will not seek re-election is a very lame maneuver that buys him 3 more years in power. i don't buy it #Sudan
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