Jakarta Crown Capital Eco Management: Environmental Scam Prevention Watch

http://www.ebaumsworld.com/blogs/view/83295967/ Green EnergyWith emerging renewable energy alternatives today, it is highly important that they be given enough attention even early on their developmental stages. Such technologies might not be ready for commercial uses yet but their potential should be amply tested and funded.
andrew bindi @andrewbindi

http://t.co/5wlMlX6vzV Jakarta Crown Capital Eco Management: Environmental Scam Prevention Watch

16/05/2013 11:03:17 WIB
Jordin Sparks @JordinSparks

never going in the ocean again. 😵 RT @Earth_Pics The Arctic Lion's Mane Jellyfish. lrgst knwn of jellyfsh on Earth. http://t.co/jY8i7RU7oD

16/05/2013 11:01:15 WIB
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Tyra Banks @tyrabanks

Nothin' wrong w/ a late-night snack! Eating whip cream by the XXL spoonful :) http://t.co/JsFnLdlN9S

16/05/2013 11:01:01 WIB
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Julia Gillard @JuliaGillard

The Active After-school Communities program gives kids access to free, inclusive and positive sporting experiences. TeamJG

16/05/2013 11:00:08 WIB
Rebel Wilson @RebelWilson

Lucky last 100 t-shirts left from my t-shirt experiment FAT MANDI http://t.co/ZdfFE8E76R Thanks for all the support!! x

16/05/2013 10:46:07 WIB
Julia Gillard @JuliaGillard

The PM talks with kids from Red Hill Primary. @KateLundy @Ausport TeamJG http://t.co/DNiVr5FthU

16/05/2013 10:45:37 WIB
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Luke Brooks @luke_brooks

I can never get 5/5 janoskians coz I can't follow myself ): favourite if u cried );

16/05/2013 10:44:18 WIB
Avril Lavigne @AvrilLavigne

Happy Birthday @TheRealDevinB I love you!!!!!!! NYC !! Let's party.

16/05/2013 10:35:19 WIB
Hit The Floor @HitTheFloor

Sex, Skin + Scandal! Watch the #HitTheFloor TRAILER on @VH1.com now: http://t.co/SReZYKyJOn -premieres Monday, May 27 at 9/8C!

16/05/2013 01:32:05 WIB
Julia Gillard @JuliaGillard

Visiting Red Hill Primary with @KateLundy to talk about keeping kids active after school. TeamJG http://t.co/hfPv8BX11N

16/05/2013 10:08:39 WIB
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Hilary Duff @HilaryDuff

Marie France Van Damme made this lovey sparkly skirt that just made its way into my life! I ❤ it big time! http://t.co/6Ja3UvUud8

16/05/2013 10:03:11 WIB
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brandon ♏ @scorpio_319

Lmao ! Nia gave birth to a healthy babby boy named egg bert #realworld on @MTV

16/05/2013 09:32:53 WIB
Alysen @CampbellAlysen

want to listen to the next American Idol show? come sit by my bathroom door because when I get in the shower I can't help but sing. 😋

16/05/2013 08:40:02 WIB
The Challenge @RWChallengeFan

Forgot about the after show tonight!!! That means @ThatCoral will be on my TV again!!

16/05/2013 09:38:19 WIB
Ryan Seacrest @RyanSeacrest

keep trying, you'll get thru RT @Nellie4rever: @AmericanIdol @RyanSeacrest lines r busy whats going on???

16/05/2013 09:39:50 WIB
Julia Gillard @JuliaGillard

$39.4m in the #Budget to fund the Active After-school Communities program in 2014. @Ausport @KateLundy TeamJG http://t.co/iUkQHcUQ9i

16/05/2013 09:38:24 WIB
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Nia Moore @TheRealNiaMoore

@JDeezyMTV: Still mad @TheRealNiaMoore didn't let me help her with that kegel ball” lmao! Honey if I gave u this cookie, it might kill u ;)

16/05/2013 09:28:52 WIB
Ryan Seacrest @RyanSeacrest

I have the final list of who's performing tomorrow...any guesses?? #idolfinale

16/05/2013 09:29:01 WIB
Ryan Seacrest @RyanSeacrest

no really we talked surprises for tomorrow...we're also putting together some funny stuff for the contestants #idolfinale

16/05/2013 09:27:39 WIB
Julia Gillard @JuliaGillard

The Gillard Government invested $115 million in community sports participation programs in the 2013-14 Budget. TeamJG

16/05/2013 09:25:14 WIB
Ryan Seacrest @RyanSeacrest

we started cutting confetti and talked what we're ordering for lunch tomorrow

16/05/2013 09:25:03 WIB