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#BlackTwitter and Friends Enjoy the #Scandal Season Finale

@ScandalABC was written by @ShondaRhimes and debuted with a six show season on ABC. It stars @KerryWashington, @ColumbusShort1 and a host of great cast members. We love it. We emote. We are funny when we do it.
shonda rhimes @shondarhimes

In answer to the many tweets: PP and GA and Scandal are all coming back next season!

16/05/2012 00:03:50 WIB
shonda rhimes @shondarhimes

@rodxtina PP is still on the network. Just on Tuesdays, And no, I do not decide WHEN shows air. I just make the shows.

16/05/2012 00:11:01 WIB
shonda rhimes @shondarhimes

PP FINALE TONIGHT!!! Watch last week's episode so that you are all caught up!

16/05/2012 01:51:14 WIB
shonda rhimes @shondarhimes


16/05/2012 01:55:17 WIB
shonda rhimes @shondarhimes

And I am super pleased to see that now there will be TWO African-American leading ladies on network tv in the fall! Congrats @meagangood!

16/05/2012 02:30:16 WIB
shonda rhimes @shondarhimes

GA and Scandal season finales on tonight!!

17/05/2012 21:48:57 WIB
shonda rhimes @shondarhimes

Warning: do not expect to be comforted or happy at end of the GA finale. I wrote it and even I found the ending to be very unsettling.

17/05/2012 23:31:36 WIB
shonda rhimes @shondarhimes

@MichaelAusiello Yes. Pull out Big Carl. This is the only finale I have ever been totally unsure of. Changed it like 20 times.

17/05/2012 23:38:14 WIB
shonda rhimes @shondarhimes

Thank you so much to our awesome crews on GA and on PP and on Scandal for their amazing hard work this season!

18/05/2012 01:51:35 WIB
shonda rhimes @shondarhimes

The cast of Scandal will be tweeting live during TONIGHT's season finale at 10PM ET and PT. TMore info here:

18/05/2012 07:41:18 WIB
kid fury @KidFury

I never watch Grey's during the season. I just watch the finales. They're always crazy!

18/05/2012 08:08:05 WIB
kid fury @KidFury

I don't know a bit of the story for these characters, but I'm still gonna get my life.

18/05/2012 08:09:28 WIB
kid fury @KidFury

He is not hitting her with the Titanic...

18/05/2012 08:17:54 WIB
kid fury @KidFury

I feel like this is what Shonda wants you to think.

18/05/2012 08:21:38 WIB
kid fury @KidFury

Nah, never mind. I mean, doctors know when someone is dead for real, right?

18/05/2012 08:24:40 WIB
kid fury @KidFury

I just know Shonda always has a "gotcha" on these shows...and we're only 25 minutes in.

18/05/2012 08:25:59 WIB
kid fury @KidFury

@BasseyworldLive Watch one of them die and that be the "gotcha"

18/05/2012 08:33:38 WIB
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