@smokey_bear in space

#OnlyYou can prevent wildfires #SmokeyinSpace
Smokey Bear @smokey_bear

I feel like a prince among princesses. These girls know it takes a lot more than a magic wand to prevent wildfires. http://t.co/T3ag2Afs

19/05/2012 00:24:04 WIB

Smokey Bear goes where no bear has gone before...... http://t.co/rujJu8gQ

18/05/2012 05:01:27 WIB
Camilla Corona @CamillaSpace

@Smokey_bear Proud of your arrival to the ISS. Long way from #BTS1 a year ago to the #ISS. Now keep them safe up there.

18/05/2012 02:36:11 WIB
Amy @NerdyAmy

#Soyuz getting ready to dock to the #ISS watch on @NASA tv or here: http://t.co/kZkSOR5o @smokey_bear on board!

17/05/2012 11:03:42 WIB
FS Tropical Research @USFS_IITF

Smokey Bear along for ride to space station! Russians let astronaut choose mascot for mission aboard Soyuz spacecraft http://t.co/KFKaxaAN

17/05/2012 02:08:00 WIB
Smokey Bear @smokey_bear

@LPC203 I knew - thanks for spreading the word.

17/05/2012 01:58:10 WIB
Rence Coassin @LPC203

Just saw my first #smokeythebear commercial in a while. Did you know that 90 percent of forest fires are cause by humans? I didn't.

16/05/2012 23:47:52 WIB
Smokey Bear @smokey_bear

I guess I was stuffed. I had my fill of space food before rocketing into outer space for wildfire prevention awareness. http://t.co/VGs9fuE2

16/05/2012 23:32:06 WIB
Ryan Hewgill @Ryan_Hewgill

1944's Smokey + Soyuz TMA-04M soar into space. Kudos to the Ad Council on timeless (and weightless) impressions. http://t.co/TA7otP86

16/05/2012 07:57:00 WIB
Alaska Region @AKForestService

Good Luck & Safe Flying Smokey Bear & Joe Acaba on your 2-day trip to the Int'l Space Station! #SmokeyinSpace http://t.co/9LubU0Su

16/05/2012 04:42:29 WIB
TAW @acwynn

@smokey_bear @kreegan99 @NerdyAmy Wow, I grew up with your commercials so very excited to see you go into space on #Soyuz! Keep tweeting!

16/05/2012 03:22:30 WIB
Smokey Bear @smokey_bear

@NASA_Johnson Very excited to be up there with the crew to elevate wildfire prevention #SmokeyinSpace

16/05/2012 02:11:12 WIB
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