#Norway: #Breivik trial: Live tweets (11 - 16 May)

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Caroline Hawley @carolinehawley

trauma of Breivik survivors: schoolgirl told court she can't sleep at night. wanted to be teacher, worried she won't be able now

11/05/2012 10:36:21 WIB
Steve Rosenberg @BBCSteveR

At the Oslo District Courthouse, Anders #Breivik trial to resume within the next few minutes

11/05/2012 13:50:38 WIB
Steve Rosenberg @BBCSteveR

At #Breivik trial today, expecting to hear more coroners' reports and testimony from Utoya survivors

11/05/2012 13:53:28 WIB
Steve Rosenberg @BBCSteveR

#Breivik led into Courtroom 250. He looks across to the cameras filming him. Judges enter; court in session.

11/05/2012 14:01:50 WIB
Steve Rosenberg @BBCSteveR

Coroner shows photographs of Utoya island: the area by the pump house where Breivik shot fourteen people.

11/05/2012 14:09:18 WIB
Steve Rosenberg @BBCSteveR

Grim scene. Coroner reports on a victim’s death using a life-size dummy to show bullet entry/exit points; reads message from victim's family

11/05/2012 14:17:33 WIB
Steve Rosenberg @BBCSteveR

Most moving part of this session is the reading-out of personal messages from victims’ families; about victims' lives, interests, dreams

11/05/2012 14:31:20 WIB
Steve Rosenberg @BBCSteveR

Court recess for twenty minutes, #Breivik handcuffed and led out

11/05/2012 14:33:07 WIB
Lars Bevanger @lbevanger

Last day of coroner's reports at #Breivik trial, as court will have heard 77. I'm back in court on Monday for more Utoya witness statements.

11/05/2012 14:51:50 WIB
Steve Rosenberg @BBCSteveR

#Breivik’s defence lawyer says Breivik wants to comment about his victims at the pump house on Utoya. Judge says he may do so after recess

11/05/2012 15:03:05 WIB
Steve Rosenberg @BBCSteveR

More coroners’ reports, this time for Breivik’s victims killed in southern point of Utoya island.

11/05/2012 15:03:49 WIB
Steve Rosenberg @BBCSteveR

It is shocking how #Breivik can remain so expressionless while the horrific injuries he inflicted on his victims are listed.

11/05/2012 15:16:11 WIB
Steve Rosenberg @BBCSteveR

Diary entry from one of #Breivik's victims read out: (Tamta Liparteliani from Georgia): "Never hate, hate and jealousy poison your heart"

11/05/2012 15:17:33 WIB
Steve Rosenberg @BBCSteveR

Message read from victim's family: "Tamta could have done a lot for her family, country,friends.Now her dreams are buried deep in the soil

11/05/2012 15:19:47 WIB
Steve Rosenberg @BBCSteveR

Victim Karin Elena Holst described as " a cheerful girl..on mobile phone from Utoya she'd told family how much she loved them’

11/05/2012 15:30:01 WIB
Caroline Hawley @carolinehawley

@ParisianTweets her dream was to be a primary school teacher, now she doesn't think she'll have the energy for it. hope the trauma heals

11/05/2012 15:32:11 WIB
Steve Rosenberg @BBCSteveR

Previous session with autopsy reports & personal messages from victims' families was very moving; many in court were wiping away tears.

11/05/2012 15:49:44 WIB
Steve Rosenberg @BBCSteveR

Coroner describes photographs of the victims post-attack, can be seen by prosecution, defence and judges. Too graphic for the big screen.

11/05/2012 15:55:59 WIB
Steve Rosenberg @BBCSteveR

Another #Breivik victim, Rafal Mohamad Jamil Jamil, had "escaped the war in Iraq and had wanted to become a dentist...a very kind person"

11/05/2012 15:58:48 WIB
Caroline Hawley @carolinehawley

Breivik trial: hearing how 20-year old Iraqi woman, who had wanted to contribute to the society that took her in, had her skull shattered

11/05/2012 16:04:52 WIB
Caroline Hawley @carolinehawley

Breivik trial court proceedings interrupted by man crying "You killer, go to Hell!" Others clapped. No reaction from Breivik

11/05/2012 16:13:04 WIB
Trygve Sorvaag @TrygveSorvaag

Dramatic #Breivik trial today. Family of killed youth threw shoe at Breivik, shouting "You killer! You killed my brother! Go to hell"

11/05/2012 16:27:01 WIB
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