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#TwitterClitter: A Frank Discussion About Clitoral Stimulation

In observance of International Clitoral Awareness Week (yes, seriously), we discussed the importance of clitoral stimulation as part of a woman's sexual health.
April @ReignOfApril

I... have questions. RT @HuffingtonPost: Ladies! The first ever International Clitoris Awareness Week starts May 6

04/05/2013 23:03:37 WIB
April @ReignOfApril

Girl. Two w/ a possible. RT @LadyDeeTeeMI: This happens 1 week after the "I Touch Myself" singer died. Let's all raise a finger in her honor

04/05/2013 23:16:40 WIB
April @ReignOfApril

Is it really women who need to be aware of the clitoris though? Are we not already fully versed on the magic it encompasses?

04/05/2013 23:10:14 WIB
April @ReignOfApril

This is why lesbian sex is so awesome. Both participants already know the wonders of the clitoris. No learning curve. Or... so I've heard.

04/05/2013 23:11:38 WIB
April @ReignOfApril

But... RT @babengalsfan: I won't ever know. Frankly I don't like most women enough to entertain the thought.”

04/05/2013 23:26:29 WIB
April @ReignOfApril

Oh. I just... RT @NikkiVonNu: Some lesbians don't know either smh”

04/05/2013 23:38:04 WIB
April @ReignOfApril

Wait. Some of you ladies are walking around with the secrets to the universe in your clitoris and UOENO? Ladies. Let's chat.

04/05/2013 23:13:33 WIB
April @ReignOfApril

I cannot even fathom this. RT @CruzanChoklate: you would be surprised.”

04/05/2013 23:12:09 WIB
Pamskid @Pamskid

@ReignOfApril unfortunately those who haven't learned the concept (female&male) aren't vocal in their lack if knowledge. :-(

04/05/2013 23:42:52 WIB
April @ReignOfApril

See... NAWL RT @doctornayaka: there are lots of women like Ms Celie in The Color Purple.Still unaware of a lot when it comes to sexuality.”

04/05/2013 23:15:54 WIB
April @ReignOfApril

Is it too early in the day to have this discussion? I mean, is it inappropriate? Anyone wincing already? Let me know. I'm here for y'all.

04/05/2013 23:15:18 WIB
Dr Nay Shockadelica 💜 @doctornayaka

@ReignOfApril hard to fathom but true. Some may have had negative experiences like Celie. Others for so many other reasons. Either way, sad.

04/05/2013 23:21:06 WIB
April @ReignOfApril

TRAVESTY RT @Pamskid: Right @doctornayaka, there r a number of women who have no clue/haven't explored their own clitoris. ”

04/05/2013 23:27:12 WIB
Rosita Hush @LadyDeeTeeMI

@ReignOfApril And let's not forget simply crossing your legs & squeezing can help with self-exploration for the uninitiated. TMI?

05/05/2013 00:18:57 WIB
AAmom🥁✊🏽 @AVD911

@ReignOfApril @Pamskid @doctornayaka somebody at age 11 discovered the book "Lady Chatterley's Lover" in her aunt's bedroom. BLEW MY...mind!

04/05/2013 23:30:16 WIB
Pamskid @Pamskid

just imagine,there r those who have those moments of introduction/exploration even on a literary level! @AVD911 @ReignOfApril @doctornayaka

04/05/2013 23:33:52 WIB
April @ReignOfApril

COME ON IN! RT @Houckadoodledoo: Many of us guys fully appreciate and love the clitoris, inside and out...”

04/05/2013 23:31:19 WIB
Crystal4Kamala - 41 Days to Biden/Harris 2020 @crystal4obama

@ReignOfApril it's about time for healthy and respectful discussions about sexuality. We are complete individuals tho we may choose partners

04/05/2013 23:45:25 WIB
April @ReignOfApril

Okay, we don't need to have the discussion if I'm going to be preaching to the choir. Everyone knows orgasms often come from the clit, yes?

04/05/2013 23:33:08 WIB
April @ReignOfApril

Because many of the nerve endings in a woman's vagina are in the clitoris, sometimes the strongest orgasms come from there, not penetration.

04/05/2013 23:35:53 WIB
April @ReignOfApril

Too much? I'm trying to keep it clinical. Bottom line is: don't ignore the clitoris. It may be the gateway to a more fulfilling experience.

04/05/2013 23:37:17 WIB
April @ReignOfApril

Some women don't experience orgasms from penetration but only from clitoral stimulation. So if you ignore it, you ignore her pleasure.

04/05/2013 23:39:49 WIB
Featherhand, Esquire @BeeAreDubya

@ReignOfApril I read a while back that there are women who have never had an orgasm & ignoring the clitoris is part of the problem sometimes

04/05/2013 23:41:37 WIB
April @ReignOfApril

FACTS RT @MyMindNBody: 86% women have clitoris orgasms, & about 15-20% have penetration orgasm ..”

05/05/2013 00:07:39 WIB
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