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#SWHighTech Energizes Startups in Eindhoven

A roundup of Tweets from Startup Weekend Eindhoven, held February 18-20 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The event included speeches by Philip de Roo, Richard Bijlard, and Robert Gaal, and a crowd of innovative participants who made some 44 pitches. Event site: http://eindhoven.startupweekend.org/ Read More
Startup Weekend EHV @swEindhoven

Need a song to get you in the mood for #swHighTech? Check what we suggest: http://bit.ly/swHighTech What's ur fave entrepreneur themed song?

16/02/2011 23:36:10 WIB
Asia @joannatrzeciak

@swHighTech haha...it is your job, isn't it @digbyj RT Need a song to get you in the mood for #swHighTech? Ch… (cont) http://deck.ly/~DHMYy

16/02/2011 23:46:20 WIB
Mike van Hoenselaar @MikevHoenselaar

Is still looking for a place to crash at StartupWeekend this weekend. #swHighTech

17/02/2011 00:31:59 WIB
Roeland Pater @roelnd

@MikevHoenselaar paar uurtjes in je slaapzak en weer doorgaan toch? ;) #swhightech

17/02/2011 01:50:21 WIB
Mike van Hoenselaar @MikevHoenselaar

aj aj aj. Nike+ already have similar functionalities as the StartupWeekend idea we have. What to do? #swHighTech

17/02/2011 02:05:01 WIB
Mike van Hoenselaar @MikevHoenselaar

@roelnd dat kan ook altijd nog inderdaad. Thanks. Jij gaat ook? #swHighTech.

17/02/2011 02:05:54 WIB
Wetenschapsforum @wsfnl

Zin in inspiratie? Komend weekend Startup Weekend Eindhoven! Win kaarten op Wetenschapsforum http://bi t.ly/hxw4hy #swHighTech #040

17/02/2011 06:47:38 WIB
James Digby @digbyj

One more day to go until #swHighTech - I hope I can sleep tonight with all the excitement....

17/02/2011 15:58:13 WIB
Patty Golsteijn @pattygolsteijn

Verder werken aan mijn idee en pitch om morgen te geven bij Startup Weekend in Eindhoven #SWHighTech

17/02/2011 23:00:14 WIB
Roeland Pater @roelnd

Does anyone need a lift to #swHighTech tomorrow afternoon? I'm driving from Utrecht.

18/02/2011 00:30:20 WIB
Mike van Hoenselaar @MikevHoenselaar

very excited to go to StartupWeekend Eindhoven tomorrow. Will be finetuning our YPSiM pitch but I hope they will like it. #swHighTech

18/02/2011 04:10:41 WIB
Mike van Hoenselaar @MikevHoenselaar

Whoever wants to know what our idea is for StartupWeekend Eindhoven, just reply with a funny reason why. #swHighTech

18/02/2011 04:13:38 WIB
Mike van Hoenselaar @MikevHoenselaar

I will be having my own Secret Story at StartupWeekend Eindhoven. Can you guess my secret? #swHighTech

18/02/2011 04:15:14 WIB

Great concept, strong pitch and excited people! #swHighTech here we come!

18/02/2011 04:48:05 WIB
Bert Smeets @BertSmeets

Visiting Eindhoven Startup Weekend. Enhancing survival and success rate by creating the right corporate DNA... #swHighTech

18/02/2011 10:23:39 WIB
Startup Weekend EHV @swEindhoven

Yawn! Good morning everyone.. The day has finally come! So.. who has to travel the furthest to get to #swHighTech?

18/02/2011 13:33:33 WIB
Mike van Hoenselaar @MikevHoenselaar

Anyone of #swHighTech is at Eindhoven Central Station at 17:00? Maybe we can travel together to High Tech Campus. #bus #407

18/02/2011 13:46:18 WIB
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