Guild Wars 2 Beta Event Live!

Guild wars 2 is still in the beta stage of its development - and if you have preordered the game you can join in on the action when they turn the servers on. Yesterday was one of those days. #gaming #guildwars2

The servers went live for a Guildwars beta event for just few hours yesterday and the twitterverse jumped on that like anything!

Latest post on the blog is the latest May 15th LoL Champion Rotation from League of Legends.

Giorgio @ksabers

Reported the WORST bug I've found so far in the #GW2beta: a typo in a NPC dialogue. Great job @GuildWars2 team!

15/05/2012 14:58:42 WIB
Stew G / Tred 9 @TheStewb

I have a video of both battlegrounds from #GW2beta. Necromancer PoV They should be up later this week

15/05/2012 12:49:05 WIB
Michael 🤲🧼👏 👨‍💻🏡 @Opt__

What were everyone's #gw2beta achievement point totals? I got up to 176.

15/05/2012 08:16:46 WIB
SuperGryph @MechGryph

Just got to a skill point that needed jumping when the event ended. FFFFFFFF #GW2Beta 

15/05/2012 08:11:41 WIB
My name is Allen. @yernerolf

That was the most unstressful stress event ever! XD #GW2beta @GuildWars2

15/05/2012 08:10:08 WIB
drahti @ka_drahti

Thank you @GuildWars2 for this awesome and not stressful stress test. Looking forward to the next #gw2beta.

15/05/2012 08:05:27 WIB
Emma Mullins @ArchaicApricity

Lol. Thought #gw2beta just crashed. Turned out that it was just the end of the Stress Test event. @GuildWars2 NOTE: You need in-game clock!

15/05/2012 08:04:58 WIB
Michael 🤲🧼👏 👨‍💻🏡 @Opt__

My client crashed when they shut off the servers. Crash report comment: "I guess you shut off the beta haha" #gw2beta

15/05/2012 08:03:30 WIB
Alexander C Rees @alexcrees

Well that was a good night of #gw2beta managed to do a load of WvWvW with people! Now off to bed; I'm up in 6 hours :(

15/05/2012 06:09:03 WIB
GoYa @goyaner

Just lost our keep to a massive 40 people zerg! Wohoo! #gw2 #guildwars2 #gw2beta @gw2wvw

15/05/2012 04:33:16 WIB
Evosi @_Evosi1969

Played a bit more #GW2beta tonight. Still loving ranger and engineer

15/05/2012 03:56:18 WIB
🍐🐧 Sam Duvall 🍐🐧 @ Graceland @PachiPortrait

Making a Charr thief for the stress test. He looks like a YuGiOh character. #gw2beta

15/05/2012 03:07:02 WIB
Zolyx @Zolyx

Working wonderfully since about ten minutes past the start for me! @GuildWars2 #GW2beta

15/05/2012 02:05:23 WIB
Da Kenster @Da_Kenster

Shouldn't have tried creating a new character in the #GW2Beta, can't get back in, doh

15/05/2012 01:31:33 WIB
Iain Gandy @Connor1MacLeod

Stuck on loading screen at 95%, servers must be seriously stressed! #gw2beta

15/05/2012 01:07:45 WIB
Peter Wilhelmsson @PeeWeeSweden

Whoa! My chars from the last BWE are still there! Missed that tweet, I must admit. #GW2beta #GuildWars2

15/05/2012 01:06:31 WIB
C @onnashujin


15/05/2012 01:06:16 WIB
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