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P!nk @Pink

@Dylan_Openshaw: What does @Pink actually call her fans” humans, people, underdogs, friends,"hey you" occasionally, like minded individuals

09/05/2013 06:36:51 WIB
P!nk @Pink

Last night I decided on toasted almond. It's legit. No bullshit.

09/05/2013 06:30:48 WIB
P!nk @Pink

@allseeingoz: @Pink what brand/color is your nail polish?” Why, it's Covergirl of course!!!! I usually use golden opportunity, but....

09/05/2013 06:30:29 WIB
P!nk @Pink

Vienna, I. Love. You. So. Much.

09/05/2013 05:15:54 WIB
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NE-YO @NeYoCompound

That awkward moment when you realize you take more "selfie's" from the backseat of the ghost than…

09/05/2013 03:59:23 WIB
Jennette McCurdy @jennettemccurdy

I lose so many good bites of food to my cleavage.

09/05/2013 01:56:29 WIB
NE-YO @NeYoCompound

It's revolutionary! The launch of the LARGEST MUSIC GAME IN HISTORY! Follow @Play_GIGIT NOW - & check out

09/05/2013 01:52:00 WIB
Jennette McCurdy @jennettemccurdy

I hate itchy tags on the backs of shirts.

09/05/2013 00:39:02 WIB
Jennette McCurdy @jennettemccurdy

If there's one project I'd like to be known for, it's Fred: the Movie. May Fools!

08/05/2013 13:15:17 WIB
Jennette McCurdy @jennettemccurdy

Is the dress code for Menchie's sweat pants and uggs or is it just an implied rule? (I'm nailing it either way)

08/05/2013 12:39:59 WIB
Jennette McCurdy @jennettemccurdy

I wish Left Behind was a movie about dinner leftovers.

08/05/2013 10:51:14 WIB
Antje Kautzki @AntjeKautzki

@churchillband Thank you for the great opening of this unforgettable evening at the @Pink concert in Frankfurt

08/05/2013 07:11:53 WIB
Jennette McCurdy @jennettemccurdy

I don't know how I ended up here but I'm in a tropical fish store.

08/05/2013 06:46:07 WIB
P!nk @Pink

By the time she gets to Australia she'll have her own sequins + a song! "It's MY TURN MAMA! By MySELF!!!!" (Kidding) (not gonna f*in happen)

08/05/2013 06:35:51 WIB
P!nk @Pink

Stop talking about it. Whoops. What have I done?

08/05/2013 06:31:47 WIB
P!nk @Pink

Frankfurt... What a night... Thanks for getting hot and sweaty with me. Willow had a blast! First time ever on a stage and she couldn't ....

08/05/2013 06:31:30 WIB
HuffPost @HuffPost

"I lived in four different foster homes before I was adopted at the age of two" #RaiseForWomen

08/05/2013 06:10:09 WIB
NE-YO @NeYoCompound

I'll be a Binny's today at 5:30pm with @Malibured 1720 N Marcey #maliburedchicago

08/05/2013 05:09:12 WIB
NE-YO @NeYoCompound

...ever feel like you should be doing more...? Been feeling that a lot lately....

08/05/2013 03:10:09 WIB

Comment @christhinetwit 15/05/2013 17:07:09 WIB
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