Daniel MacArthur @dgmacarthur
Great, we have consensus on #bog13 as hashtag for next week. For those who can't make it, it will be webcast ($195): https://t.co/NZVG5511kS
AllSeq @AllSeq
@dgmacarthur $195 for webcast? How much to follow via twitter? ;-) #bog13
Richard Sever Ⓤ @cshperspectives
It's that time of year again: when all the British genomics tweeps snigger at the Biology of Genomes meeting hashtag #bog13
Keith Robison @OmicsOmicsBlog
Very nice of @bionanogenomic_ to include a WDB Streptomyces genome on their #bog13 poster (plus me as author!)
Konrad Karczewski @konradjk
Will have a few copies of Exploring Personal Genomics (http://t.co/VyM65HugE0) for sale at #bog13 . Find me if you want one!
Melissa Gymrek @mgymrek
off to Pittsburgh tomorrow to visit @dbetser and for fun half marathon, then off to #1000genomes and #bog13 !
Konrad Karczewski @konradjk
Making a #bog13 specific #bingo card! Suggestions for new, flashy terms welcome.
Nicolas Robine @notSoJunkDNA
Are we gonna get the program for #BOG13 before the weekend? (or am I the only one who didn't received it?)
Dr. Chris Gunter @girlscientist
Should there be a special prize for the person who can work in #YoMammasGenomeSoFat into a #bog13 talk?
Elisabeth Rosenthal @RosenthalEA
I'm guessing not. MT @notSoJunkDNA: Are we gonna get the program for #BOG13 before the weekend?
Michael Schatz @mike_schatz
@erlichya great list. I would add Red (Italian american), Honu (cocktails and bistro), Nisen (sushi), and Prime (steaks and seafood) #bog13
Magdalena Skipper @Magda_Skipper
MT @erlichya Some useful recommendations for #bog13 Note suggestions 4 and 5 :-) http://t.co/rjUCMVSZQK
Evgeny Kvon @evgenykvon
Just arrived at New York City. As awesome as always. Looking forward for #CSHL and #bog13!
Yaniv (((Erlich))) @erlichya
On my way to Cold Spring Harbor Lab. Looking forward for a great week! #bog13
Mickey Atwal @MickeyAtwal
"We're gonna need a bigger boat". Getting ready for the annual invasion of attendees at The Biology of Genomes meeting, CSHL. #bog13
Francesco Vezzi @vezzi84
in NY for #bog13 presenting poster on norway spruce genome assembly
Yaniv (((Erlich))) @erlichya
Dear CSHL, motel 6 looks like a resort compared to your rooms. The 17th century is on the phone asking for the settlers houses back. #bog13
Robin Andersson @robin_andersson
Getting up 4AM tomorrow for flight to NY and #bog13. First session starts 21.5 hrs later in which I am giving a talk. Looking fwd to it!
Joe Pickrell @joe_pickrell
Talking on Saturday morning at #bog13. I assume there will be an IV coffee drip available underneath the podium?
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