#SAJask - @rezaprabowo

Startup Asia @StartupAsia

#SAJask @rezaprabowo: Hi Reza! Are you ready for a warmup session before #StartupAsia Jakarta 2012?

14/05/2012 16:06:02 WIB
Reza Prabowo @rezaprabowo

@StartupAsia Fowab is a hub for people working in the creative industry whose daily work uses the web

14/05/2012 16:22:45 WIB
Reza Prabowo @rezaprabowo

@StartupAsia Our mission is to connect talents, showcase & share ideas, inspire prospects, discuss solutions, and sparks collaboration.

14/05/2012 16:23:22 WIB
Startup Asia @StartupAsia

#SAJask @rezaprabowo Q2: How would you describe the startup scene in Bandung in one or two tweets?

14/05/2012 16:28:36 WIB
Reza Prabowo @rezaprabowo

@StartupAsia we try to find equilibrium between technical skill and business. Startups are mostly self sustaining, and full of creativity.

14/05/2012 16:31:50 WIB
Startup Asia @StartupAsia

#SAJask @rezaprabowo Q3: What are some interesting startups in Bandung?

14/05/2012 16:36:54 WIB
Reza Prabowo @rezaprabowo

@StartupAsia some of my favorites: Tokokoo, Colorlabs, Movreak, travelin7, Petshopbox, Jotter, Nightspade, Mintsphere, No-limit.

14/05/2012 16:38:04 WIB
Startup Asia @StartupAsia

#SAJask @rezaprabowo Q4: How different or similar is Bandung from Jakarta in terms of startup scene?

14/05/2012 16:43:22 WIB
Reza Prabowo @rezaprabowo

@StartupAsia Jakarta startups is probably more about business, Bandung is more about solving a problem, and having fun in the process. :)

14/05/2012 16:44:30 WIB
Startup Asia @StartupAsia

#SAJask @rezaprabowo Q5: In your opinion, why should people come to #StartupAsia Jakarta on June 7-8?

14/05/2012 16:49:49 WIB
Reza Prabowo @rezaprabowo

@StartupAsia You promise us an event that's like no other, and no BS. I guess we just have to come and see. ;)

14/05/2012 16:50:59 WIB
Startup Asia @StartupAsia

#SAJask @rezaprabowo: Thanks for the short afternoon chat, Reza! Can't wait to see you and other @fowab fellas on June 7-8! :)

14/05/2012 16:55:37 WIB
Reza Prabowo @rezaprabowo

@StartupAsia @fowab I'll see you all there. Cheers and rock on! \m/

14/05/2012 16:56:40 WIB


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