#Libya #Bahrain #Yemen #Algeria #Egypt #Iran: Tweets from 18 February 2011

Martin Chulov @martinchulov

Numbers fast swelling at this funeral rally in bahrain. Easily 20k+ now. Anti govt chants. Defiance. No violence though, nor police.

18/02/2011 14:38:35 WIB
Martin Chulov @martinchulov

Guys with love speakers urging people to return to pearl square today. Showdown a certainty there.

18/02/2011 14:45:07 WIB
Nicholas Kristof @NickKristof

Restrictions on Internet in #Bahrain: http://nyti.ms/hRElP9 My hotel has zero internet, but some homes have connections.

18/02/2011 15:34:11 WIB
Nicholas Kristof @NickKristof

Vast throngs here at Darraz mosque in #Bahrain. Crowd chants "Death to al-Khalifa." No police in sight.

18/02/2011 16:03:09 WIB
Nicholas Kristof @NickKristof

Imam at Darraz mosque in #Bahrain giving poweful speech against govt's "massacre." Says govt wants to kill the people.

18/02/2011 16:18:16 WIB
Nicholas Kristof @NickKristof

Huge crowd roars back: "We will never surrender!"

18/02/2011 16:19:42 WIB
Nicholas Kristof @NickKristof

Imam here at Darraz calls #Bahrain govt "bloodthirsty" and says it pits Sunni against Shia.

18/02/2011 16:26:40 WIB
Nicholas Kristof @NickKristof

Crowd chants: "No difference between Sunni and Shia. We are all brothers."

18/02/2011 16:28:29 WIB
Martin Chulov @martinchulov

Bahrainis using web and media to disprove claims that protesters attacked police. Pics govt displayed from b4 wed raid.

18/02/2011 17:33:54 WIB
Nicholas Kristof @NickKristof

Opposition leaders in #Bahrain tell me they are planning a huge march in next few days to retake Pearl Roundabout.

18/02/2011 17:52:19 WIB
Nicholas Kristof @NickKristof

That could lead to a major, violent confrontation. And opposition says the march could be as early as tomorrow. Stay tuned.

18/02/2011 17:53:28 WIB
Martin Chulov @martinchulov

At pro-govt rally in Manama. (I thought the army had banned public gatherings) lots of flags, pics of leaders. Thousands of tooting cars.

18/02/2011 18:31:56 WIB
Martin Chulov @martinchulov

Drs again leading Bahrain's revolt, demanding Interior Min be tried because police stopped medics from treating Pearl Sq wounded.

18/02/2011 20:53:12 WIB
Martin Chulov @martinchulov

Large rally now in grounds of Manama's main hospital. They're not game to take it to the streets - yet.

18/02/2011 21:05:27 WIB
Martin Chulov @martinchulov

Police in Manama have fired warning shots at protesters walking to a rally at Salmaniya hospital.

18/02/2011 21:33:28 WIB
Nicholas Kristof @NickKristof

Police attacking protesters here at hospital in #Bahrain. Tear gas inside. Panic.

18/02/2011 21:40:24 WIB
Martin Chulov @martinchulov

heavy gun fire around Pearl roundabout in Bahrain.

18/02/2011 21:47:56 WIB
Martin Chulov @martinchulov

Salmaniya Hospital under attack by police.

18/02/2011 21:49:26 WIB
Nicholas Kristof @NickKristof

Panicked crowds running thru hospital after police attack. Drs rushing to ER. Tear gas grenades outside, wafting in.

18/02/2011 21:50:41 WIB
Martin Chulov @martinchulov

Protesters have tried to advance on pearl Square and been shot at by police. Reports of wounded.

18/02/2011 21:51:04 WIB
Martin Chulov @martinchulov

Really heavy gunfire near Pearl Square. Haven't seen a protester with a weapon all day.

18/02/2011 22:00:15 WIB
Nicholas Kristof @NickKristof

Patients pouring into ER, along w tear gas . Chaos. Tr gas grenades thudding in bckground

18/02/2011 22:02:37 WIB
Nicholas Kristof @NickKristof

Lots of casualties. ER filling up. 1 a girl of abt 13, writhing on stretcher. 1 a man w terrible head wound. #bahrain

18/02/2011 22:11:52 WIB
shabablibya @ShababLibya

I am receiving messages constantly, the people of Benghazi are urging 4 your attention they are dying, 'is will kill us all' Benghazi #Libya

18/02/2011 22:13:47 WIB
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