#IntJC Session 16 Transcript: Interpreting as a language teaching and learning technique

Transcript of The Interpreting Journal Club session 16 held on May 12th, 2012
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

Hi everyone, session 16 of The Interpreting Journal Club is about to start. While you fasten the seat belts, here are a few messages. #IntJC

12/05/2012 20:00:03 WIB

@lioneltokyo Thunderstorm coming in, and in the vicinity; may have to shut down for a while, and rejoin when it passes. #IntJC

12/05/2012 20:00:25 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

The standard recommendations: when you join, state who you are, where you are and what to do. #IntJC

12/05/2012 20:00:43 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

I am Lionel in Tokyo, into liaison interpreting mostly for business. #IntJC

12/05/2012 20:01:03 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

Today's topic is : Interpreting as a language teaching and learning technique #IntJC

12/05/2012 20:01:54 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

You will want to keep a tab on the discussion points here http://t.co/PliSEOiS #IntJC

12/05/2012 20:02:20 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

We are in for a 1 hour of professional chat and some more. #IntJC

12/05/2012 20:02:54 WIB
Jerome Mermod @Jamizuno

Hi! I'm happy I made it for #IntJC! I'm Jerome, Germany, Conference Terp student (graduating atm), Ger-Jap-Eng #IntJC

12/05/2012 20:03:07 WIB
Iciar Pertusa @IciarPertusa

#IntJC Hey there, Iciar, from Bilbao, Spain. Glad to be back!! Good to see you here, people!

12/05/2012 20:03:28 WIB
Belén Pérez Casas @Interpretatrice

RT @SeulementFleur: Hello everyone! Florencia from Buenos Aires, student interpreter. #IntJC

12/05/2012 20:03:36 WIB
Avinc @avinc1

Good morning, afternoon, evening everyone. This is Isabel on behalf of AVINC, coming to you from beautiful Venezuela #IntJC

12/05/2012 20:03:48 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

It is my absolute great pleasure to co-host this session with Flor Aguilar. We are only 18360.48 kilometers away from each other. #IntJC

12/05/2012 20:04:24 WIB
Vero Riva @vero_riva

Hello everyone! Vero in Buenos Aires, translator & beginner interpreter. #IntJC

12/05/2012 20:04:28 WIB
Aztec Interpreter @Terp_wise

#IntJC veronice gutierrez, mexico city. I'm in the hospital but trying to follow

12/05/2012 20:05:18 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

Hello Flor, welcome to the show as seen from the cockpit. Yes, some stress is guaranteed. Enjoy!:) #IntJC

12/05/2012 20:05:42 WIB
Gerda Prato-Espejo @gerdabilingual

Hello everyone I'm Gerda, court interpreter joining the chat today from the U.S. Cheers to the host and co-host! #IntJC

12/05/2012 20:06:17 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

The Interpreting Journal Club is open to everyone interested in interpreting, whatever your level of involvement and competence. #IntJC

12/05/2012 20:06:45 WIB
Esperancita de la traducción / Flow (she/ella) 💜 @SeulementFleur

Hopefully you'll feel as comfortable as you do with Lionel, everyone. #IntJC

12/05/2012 20:06:54 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

Don't hesitate to join any time during the discussion. #IntJC

12/05/2012 20:07:14 WIB
Esperancita de la traducción / Flow (she/ella) 💜 @SeulementFleur

So, let's start with our first question: Q1. How does “liaison interpreting” relate to your current/past training as an interpreter? #IntJC

12/05/2012 20:08:14 WIB
Esther Navarro-Hall @MmeInterpreter

Hello to all my wonderful colleagues. This is Esther signing in from California. I am a conference, court & medical interpreter. :) #intjc

12/05/2012 20:08:31 WIB
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