Is #Bahrain a #Shiite vs. #Sunni Conflict?

Media coverage of the violence in Bahrain paints the conflict in terms of a battle between Sunnis and Shiites. To what degree is this claim accurate? I compiled some of the most thoughtful Tweets debating the nature of the conflict. Please feel free to edit for completeness and accuracy by clicking "Options" below.
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ali hasan @ali_hasan_ali
Bahrain TV is intentionally making the uprising seem sectarian when in fact it is one that has united Sunni and Shia #bahrain #feb14
Emily L. Hauser @emilylhauser
For instance, as @NickKristof pointed out, protesters in #Bahrain are mainly Shia. Sunnis stayed home. Import diff from mostly-Sunni #Egypt.
Nic Robertson @NicRobertsonCNN
#Bahrain: Shia protesters are angry, say Sunni government using sectarian stacking to keep them down. Give citizenship to Sunnis
Freydis @Holology
The Sunni ruling family in power over a Shi’ite majority in #Bahrain made cash payments to placate protestors.
Ali Habibi @alialhabibi
It is a MUST for every single Sunni in #Bahrain to support their Shia brothers/sisters protesting! #Feb14
As a Sunni, I say "Home is where the Shiites are." #bahrain
Amjad Darwish @adarwish
When will we put this Shia'a Sunni crap behind? #Bahrain
Sarah Naqvi @sarahnaq
To balance the population, the gvt is accused of granting thousands of citizenships to Sunni workers. #bahrain
Ahmed Turaif @AhmedTuraif
Sunni, shiite, atheist, christian, it doesn't fucking matter. This is beyond what you follow, this is violence. #bahrain
phytolipide @phytolipide
Shia perceive systematic Sunni government discrimination against them in #Bahrain #Feb14
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Sunni or Shia we're all Muslims. I wouldn't be able to wtch ppl fighting for basic rights being brutally attacked. That's not Islam #bahrain
Sachin @sachinbahad
Its not about Shia and Sunni, its Fight for their own right, fight for freedom #Bahrain
In #Bahrain, it's not about Shi'a or Sunni. It's about representation
Brian Conley @BaghdadBrian
you know @AverageArab muhammad does not believe in sunni or shi'i, this is ta'ifiyya bullshit, you should be ashamed #bahrain
blafir @blafir657
This in #bahrain could be not about Bahraini vs Regime anymore.It has become Saudi vs Iran. It has become Sunni vs Shiite.Very dangerous.
Noor Zainal @nooronajourney
Being Sunni DOES NOT mean that I condone the attacks on my Bahraini brothers & sisters. Shame on those of you who do. #bahrain #feb14
Amal Albahrani @AmiaB
During the #Egypt protests Muslims and Christians were protecting each other united. #Bahrain Muslims are Muslims, not Sunni and Shia #Shame
#Bahrain has no right to treat their people with such little regard; sunni or shiaa what kind of #racist bullshit is that? #Feb
Josh Mull @joshmull
@theriverfed Yeah I'm wondering myself how they can tell Sunni from Shia just by hearing the names and ages of casualties. #Bahrain
NicoleB @NicoleBPhotos
The demonstrations and the bloodbath in #Bahrain was not because of Sunni / Shiite problems.they were demonstrating together for democracy
Kashif Aziz @kashaziz
Why the #Bahrain uprising is pictured as Shia vs Sunni conflict? Or is it really like this?
Suroora @Fatsuroor
This is not about sunni or Shiite, today is about right and wrong and what happened was plain WRONG! #Bahrain
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