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Assange: Your Opinion

The range of Tweets concerning Julian Assange...positive, negative, neutral, and humorous.



Why the U.S. Has a Weak Legal Case Against WikiLeaks' Assange via @TIME

09/12/2010 16:04:57 WIB
Farah Madadha @F_Madadha

"Rape is being used in the #Assange prosecution in the same way that women's freedom was used to invade #Afghanistan. Wake up!" #NaomiKlein

09/12/2010 16:35:05 WIB
Rory Bernard @rorybernard

Really busting Assange by any means possible, Osama - not so much. Question of priorities. #wikileaks

09/12/2010 16:17:30 WIB
Josh Ellis @jzellis

And remember: Julian Assange is not Wikileaks. You are. We are. We can be. That's the whole point, right?

09/12/2010 16:30:32 WIB

I'm Sparticus! I mean Julian Assange!

09/12/2010 16:32:40 WIB
Ziaur-Rahman @ZiaAlontoAdiong

You have a competition in me. ☺ RT @DujieAnna: Am I the only one falling in love with Julian Assange?

09/12/2010 16:17:36 WIB
Steffen Ørsted @snuf

“If Assange was in China doing the same thing, the West would have called him a dissident and given him a Nobel prize.” #AndBestBylineEver

09/12/2010 16:19:35 WIB
Damon Meredith @DamonAM

The next #WikiLeaks I want to read is one detailing the false allegations that Julian #Assange has been accused of!

09/12/2010 16:33:06 WIB
Patrick @mad_nerd

I rated Julian Assange 100 in @TIME's 2010 Person of the Year poll. Cast your vote

09/12/2010 16:05:26 WIB
mark fairway @bravowikileaks

Check this video out -- Nobel Peace Prize for Assange? 'Arrest a set up, info bomb on standby' via @youtube #wikileaks

09/12/2010 16:17:17 WIB
Sean Bonner Ⓥ @seanbonner

Am I the only one who thinks it's hilarious that Sarah Palin keeps calling Assange "un-American"? I mean, you know, since he's Australian.

09/12/2010 06:26:46 WIB
Erin Riley @erinrileyau

Sarah Palin calls Julian Assange "unamerican". Let's file that under "no shit, Sherlock".

09/12/2010 06:04:06 WIB
CheeChud \7 @cheechud

"The law is not what powerful people would want others to believe it is."/ Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder

09/12/2010 16:13:47 WIB
ʞooH ɯlǝsu∀ @anselm

"the funny thing about julian assange is that usa wont have to torture him to reveal the truth theyll have to torture him to hide it" reddit

09/12/2010 05:37:27 WIB


Free Bradely Manning @killasicx

Sarah Palin calls Julian Assange "sick & un-American" in response to attacks on her website by Anonymous. #imwikileaks #wikileaks #cablegate

09/12/2010 16:31:45 WIB
Kelvyn Taylor @Vibroseis

The Cult of Assange troubles me deeply. As does the world's response to it.

09/12/2010 16:22:55 WIB
Malagent @malagent

How is this Jackass becoming a f'n hero to anyone? || Assange's 'poison pill' file impossible to stop, expert says

09/12/2010 16:17:52 WIB
matthias kreuziger @m_kreuziger

i just want to express my deep admiration to the parties involved in the arrest of mr. assange... not. #"freedom of speech"

09/12/2010 16:25:54 WIB
Ramon Youseph @RamonWrites

I must be one of the few people on this planet who isn't a fan of WikiLeaks or Julian Assange. #twats

09/12/2010 16:27:50 WIB
Patrick Kayongo @patkayongo

What if this Assange guy is actually guilty of rape? Why has everyone automatically assumed his innocence?

09/12/2010 16:32:33 WIB
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primordelicious @primordelicious 09/12/2010 17:03:40 WIB
Check out this compilation of Tweets about Wikileaks' jailed founder Julian Assange...and feel free to contribute!