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Assange: Your Opinion

The range of Tweets concerning Julian Assange...positive, negative, neutral, and humorous. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVGqE726OAo
international assange arrest julian Wikileaks
Why the U.S. Has a Weak Legal Case Against WikiLeaks' Assange http://t.co/4a806KZ via @TIME
Farah Madadha @F_Madadha
"Rape is being used in the #Assange prosecution in the same way that women's freedom was used to invade #Afghanistan. Wake up!" #NaomiKlein
Rory Bernard @rorybernard
Really busting Assange by any means possible, Osama - not so much. Question of priorities. #wikileaks
Josh Ellis @jzellis
And remember: Julian Assange is not Wikileaks. You are. We are. We can be. That's the whole point, right?
I'm Sparticus! I mean Julian Assange!
Ziaur-Rahman @ZiaAlontoAdiong
You have a competition in me. ☺ RT @DujieAnna: Am I the only one falling in love with Julian Assange?
Steffen Ørsted ಠ_ಠ @snuf
“If Assange was in China doing the same thing, the West would have called him a dissident and given him a Nobel prize.” #AndBestBylineEver
Damon Meredith @DamonAM
The next #WikiLeaks I want to read is one detailing the false allegations that Julian #Assange has been accused of!
Patrick @mad_nerd
I rated Julian Assange 100 in @TIME's 2010 Person of the Year poll. Cast your vote http://tinyurl.com/22w955m
mark fairway @bravowikileaks
Check this video out -- Nobel Peace Prize for Assange? 'Arrest a set up, info bomb on standby' http://t.co/Xs6cIrc via @youtube #wikileaks
Sean Bonner Ⓥ @seanbonner
Am I the only one who thinks it's hilarious that Sarah Palin keeps calling Assange "un-American"? I mean, you know, since he's Australian.
Erin Riley @erinrileyau
Sarah Palin calls Julian Assange "unamerican". Let's file that under "no shit, Sherlock".
CheeChud \7 @cheechud
"The law is not what powerful people would want others to believe it is."/ Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder
ʞooH ɯlǝsu∀ @anselm
"the funny thing about julian assange is that usa wont have to torture him to reveal the truth theyll have to torture him to hide it" reddit
Free Bradely Manning @killasicx
Sarah Palin calls Julian Assange "sick & un-American" in response to attacks on her website by Anonymous. #imwikileaks #wikileaks #cablegate
Kelvyn Taylor @Vibroseis
The Cult of Assange troubles me deeply. As does the world's response to it.
Malagent @malagent
How is this Jackass becoming a f'n hero to anyone? || Assange's 'poison pill' file impossible to stop, expert says http://j.mp/g1GsnH
matthias kreuziger @m_kreuziger
i just want to express my deep admiration to the parties involved in the arrest of mr. assange... not. #"freedom of speech"
Ramon Youseph @RamonWrites
I must be one of the few people on this planet who isn't a fan of WikiLeaks or Julian Assange. #twats
Patrick Kayongo @PatKayongo
What if this Assange guy is actually guilty of rape? Why has everyone automatically assumed his innocence?
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primordelicious @primordelicious 09/12/2010 17:03:40 WIB
Check out this compilation of Tweets about Wikileaks' jailed founder Julian Assange...and feel free to contribute! http://chirpstory.com/75
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