#Content2011 Content Marketing Strategies Conference in Berkeley, CA

Please enjoy this compilation of Tweets from the Content Marketing Strategies Conference, held February 16-17 in Berkeley, CA. For a list of keynotes and events, including Luca Penati's day one presentation, and David Smith's day two keynote, see the official event site: http://contentmarketingstrategies-mashable.eventbrite.com/
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ContentMarketing2011 @content2011 09/02/2011 10:06:04 WIB
Thanks to our sponsors @LaunchSquad, @hivefire, Studio One Networks for helping create a great event Contentmarketing2011, Feb 16-17.
Joe Pulizzi @JoePulizzi 16/02/2011 23:36:09 WIB
Seeing lots of friends at the #content2011 conference in Berkeley this morning. I'm up right after @kellbags.
CC Holland @cc_holland 16/02/2011 23:37:04 WIB
#content2011 getting under way. Looking forward to an interesting day!
Stacey King Gordon @staceykgordon 16/02/2011 23:38:06 WIB
Excited to begin #content2011 at the Claremont this morning!
Dana VanDen Heuvel @danavan 16/02/2011 23:40:11 WIB
Rock Star talent at the #content2011 conf in Berkeley today - @billflitter is opening up and then @kellbags is on followed by @juntajoe
Simon Kelly @kellbags 16/02/2011 23:41:04 WIB
I'll get my retaliation in first! RT @juntajoe: Seeing lots of friends at the #content2011 conference in Berkeley I'm up after @kellbags.
@arniek 16/02/2011 23:41:41 WIB
Sitting between @juntajoe and @kellbags at content marketing strategies conference. Picture lightening bolts striking me. #content2011
Jon Thomas @Its_JonT 16/02/2011 23:43:08 WIB
If you're at #content2011, make sure you don't miss @StoryWorldwide COO @kellbags. He's British and very excitable.
Simon Kelly @kellbags 16/02/2011 23:48:30 WIB
Ha! RT @ArnieK: Between @juntajoe and @kellbags at content marketing strategies conf. Picture lightening bolts striking me. #content2011
Dana VanDen Heuvel @danavan 16/02/2011 23:52:17 WIB
#poll - Do we need more terms? content marketing, content strategy, story strategy, thought leadership?... #content2011
Joe Pulizzi @JoePulizzi 16/02/2011 23:54:04 WIB
According to Geoff Ramsey from @emarketer 2011 is the Year of Content Marketing #content2011 via @kellbags
Dana VanDen Heuvel @danavan 16/02/2011 23:55:40 WIB
@kellbags "The future of advertising is content" - we have a responsibility to accelerate this shift #content2011
Stacey King Gordon @staceykgordon 16/02/2011 23:57:19 WIB
@kellbags: LT goals of advertising is to create brand fans who will spread your stories for free, driving your media spend down #content2011
Jeff Prellwitz @jeffprellwitz 16/02/2011 23:57:36 WIB
"The Future of Advertising is Content!" Simon Kelly at #content2011
CC Holland @cc_holland 16/02/2011 23:57:46 WIB
#content2011: Simon Kelly: the future of advertising is "magnetic" content. 2011 will be the year of storytelling.
Stacey King Gordon @staceykgordon 17/02/2011 00:00:33 WIB
@kellbags The only way to change deeply held belief is through narrative. #content2011
Quorus @quorus 17/02/2011 00:01:33 WIB
And J. Grau from eMarketer sees '11 as soc shopping:RT @juntajoe: Geoff Ramsey from @eMarketer sees '11 as Year of Content Mktg #content2011
Michael Spinella @mjps2 17/02/2011 00:02:19 WIB
@nightwritercomm @cc_holland can't wait to hear your report back for #content2011, and wish I could have joined you.
Stacey King Gordon @staceykgordon 17/02/2011 00:04:14 WIB
So true: ""Nobody has 30 seconds for interruption, but everybody has 30 minutes to spread the stuff they like." #content2011
Joe Pulizzi @JoePulizzi 17/02/2011 00:04:17 WIB
Nobody has 30 seconds for interruption, but everyone has 30 minutes for a great story - via @kellbags #content2011
@arniek 17/02/2011 00:06:03 WIB
Lots of tools to block ads; pop up blockers, dvr, etc. Only really good stories will get through. Via @kellbags #content2011
bob sacco @bsacco1 17/02/2011 00:08:06 WIB
#content2011 - "People don't have 30 seconds for an interruption...but they have 30 minutes for the stuff they like...
Stacey King Gordon @staceykgordon 17/02/2011 00:11:15 WIB
Traditional model: 70% on media, 30% on creative - that model has flipped. #content2011
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