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Biology of Genomes 2012

Genome Biology @GenomeBiology

Look out for Naomi from Genome Biology at CSH's Biology of Genomes 2012 meeting next week #bog12 (sic) @cshlmeetings #genomics

05/05/2012 01:28:55 WIB
Konrad Karczewski @konradjk

Play conference bingo at biology of genomes on interpretome and tweet your winning cards! #interpretome #bog12

05/05/2012 02:37:29 WIB
Daniel MacArthur @dgmacarthur

This is awesome - #bog12 tweeps, check it out: brilliant Genomics Bingo interface by @konrad_jk:

05/05/2012 02:44:49 WIB
Larry Parnell @larry_parnell

Got my pdf! Big data and data visualization are themes on this years #bog12 cover (by James Duffy). Nice! @cshperspectives

05/05/2012 03:12:34 WIB
Chris Gunter @girlscientist

Was ok with my decision to not attend #bog12 until I saw the bingo card generator: Can still do from web feed though!

05/05/2012 03:35:26 WIB
Leonid Kruglyak @leonidkruglyak

Will fill in 1st hr RT @girlscientist: Was ok with my decision to not attend #bog12 until I saw bingo card generator:

05/05/2012 04:05:56 WIB
Leonid Kruglyak @leonidkruglyak

"That thing we can't explain could be an epigenetic effect" MT @girlscientist: #bog12 bingo card generator:

05/05/2012 05:49:49 WIB
Tina (enkidu97) @enkidu97

Awesome! MT @girlscientist: Was ok with my decision to not attend #bog12 until I saw the bingo card generator:

05/05/2012 06:02:01 WIB
Konrad Karczewski @konradjk

The trick is working the word "bingo" into Q&A to win @leonidkruglyak MT @girlscientist: #bog12 bingo card generator:

05/05/2012 08:25:07 WIB
Daniel MacArthur @dgmacarthur

Can't help but laugh - CSHL has sent #bog12 abstract book out in advance, with warning that we shouldn't share it with anyone.

05/05/2012 09:22:22 WIB
Ewan Birney @ewanbirney

@dgmacarthur yup. I can't see the logic of this. Either keep it quiet - which has its benefits - or publish fully. #bog12

05/05/2012 14:28:40 WIB
Luke Jostins-Dean @lukejostins

Of to NYC for #bog12. v. excited, but need to stop referring to conferences as "holidays", it leaves both colleagues and family unimpressed.

05/05/2012 21:54:16 WIB
Gholson Lyon @GholsonLyon

@MTomasson @carlzimmer I will look for such "Germanic rigor" at #bog12 next week!

06/05/2012 05:28:27 WIB
Gholson Lyon @GholsonLyon

@MTomasson Where did you hear that? no tweeting? really? if so, why? #bog12

06/05/2012 05:55:20 WIB
Michael Tomasson @MTomasson

@GholsonLyon Maybe not true, but #bog12 abstract book apparently went out with "do not share" instruction..?

06/05/2012 05:56:58 WIB
Joe Pickrell @joe_pickrell

@dgmacarthur @lukejostins "Oh God, the carnage. Will this man ever be able to show his face at a genomics conference again? #bog12"

06/05/2012 21:33:52 WIB
Daniel MacArthur @dgmacarthur

@MTomasson @GholsonLyon I assume #bog12 will follow previous BoG policy: speakers specify tweetability in advance.

06/05/2012 22:27:32 WIB
Daniel MacArthur @dgmacarthur

@joe_pickrell @lukejostins "The crowd is silent. Jostins simply stands, weeping and pointing mutely at the screen. #bog12"

06/05/2012 22:30:27 WIB
Ewan Birney @ewanbirney

@lukejostins At least you are on campus. Have sympathy for those people who are not. I hope I am at least in Dolan... #bog12.Hope 1kG is fun

07/05/2012 00:03:33 WIB
Thomas Keane @drtkeane

@lukejostins Thanks for the reminder - I stand by my decision not to go this year, will be relying on you guys for coverage #bog12

07/05/2012 03:20:14 WIB
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