Discussion on #Japan PM Abe's controversial 4/23 侵略 / 植民地支配 aggression / colonialism remarks

Literal translation of the quote (w/ original Japanese transcript) https://www.facebook.com/GivingTreeIntnl/posts/10151605013982089 Authentic (?) translation by Asahi http://ajw.asahi.com/article/behind_news/politics/AJ201304240082 Read More
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URL The Japan Daily Press South Korean officials incensed over PM Abe's remarks on colonization Another day, another reason for people to be mad at Japan. South Koreans woke up today to newspapers splashing headlines like "Abe even denies Imperial Japan's aggression," "Japan reveals true colo...
💫T.Katsumi @tkatsumi06j

Discussion at Japan Daily Press on PM Abe's remarks on the definition of "aggression" including my comments. http://t.co/SvR7VAIfX8

24/04/2013 16:06:35 WIB
URL www.japantimes.co.jp Abe war comment roils S. Korean media Tokyo has again been forced into damage control over issues of history as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's remarks on Japan's wartime aggression Tuesday triggered big headlines in South Korea. 'Japanese ...
Mark MacKinnon @markmackinnon

Japan Times, reporting on same remarks, has Abe saying definition of "aggression" depends on perspective: http://t.co/5Jndejjr6M

24/04/2013 21:09:41 WIB
URL AJW by The Asahi Shimbun INSIGHT: Abe returns to hard-line approach in response to Beijing, Seoul - AJW by The Asahi Shimbun After keeping a low diplomatic profile since taking office, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has begun to show his true colors as a nationalist, threatening to further exacerbate Japan's difficulties with China and South Korea.
M. Taylor Fravel @fravel

Abe: "The definition of what constitutes aggression has yet to be established" in academia/international community http://t.co/yXAWMBANue

24/04/2013 21:34:50 WIB
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Adam Cathcart @adamcathcart

Here is the meeting yesterday where Abe delivered inflammatory remarks. No one yet seems to have full text! http://t.co/JlATa1KDHe

24/04/2013 22:21:31 WIB
Adam Cathcart @adamcathcart

Here are the two offending sentences (4/23) by Abe Shinzo re: Murayama 2005 war apology statement http://t.co/sWhclQnUJK

24/04/2013 22:22:47 WIB

"The definition of what constitutes aggression has yet to be established in academia or in the international community," Abe said. "Things that happened between nations will look differently depending on which side you view them from." - Asahi's supertranslation

Adam Cathcart @adamcathcart

@profLind It baffles me that Abe's office would not release a Japanese text when he's making such waves http://t.co/F7iBujTVND

24/04/2013 22:38:00 WIB
Taylor Washburn @washburnt

@adamcathcart @proflind Abe was presumably musing about "侵略," translated "aggression" in Murayama.

24/04/2013 23:15:43 WIB
Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e

@washburnt @adamcathcart @proflind I do have a transcribed version of his brief quote at the deliberation here: https://t.co/ob7TOifPwO

24/04/2013 23:23:40 WIB
Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e

@fravel Wow, this is a wonderful super-translation provided Abe's remark was very inconclusive in his national tongue.

24/04/2013 23:31:09 WIB
M. Taylor Fravel @fravel

@tkatsumi_e that was Asahi’s translation, what’s yours?

24/04/2013 23:32:32 WIB
Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e

@fravel Yes, it's wonderful. Mine's more literal, taken directly from hearing the actual quote: https://t.co/ob7TOifPwO

24/04/2013 23:34:04 WIB
Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e

Thanks! Add 'literal' pls ;) RT @fravel: Translation of Abe’s remark by @tkatsumi_e: https://t.co/ob7TOifPwO

24/04/2013 23:37:22 WIB
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Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e

@fravel @washburnt Since Abe's talking about "definition" I think the more legal (and established) term of "aggression" is more appropriate.

24/04/2013 23:48:48 WIB
Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e

@walkerb1972 @fravel @washburnt I really don't know about Chinese translation and its meaning though we use 'similar' characters.

25/04/2013 00:28:19 WIB
Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e

@walkerb1972 @fravel @washburnt I do however know for a fact that China was a party to a conference deciding the definition of aggression.

25/04/2013 00:29:38 WIB
侵略 = invasion OR aggression?
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Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 28/04/2013 04:57:39 WIB
ontheroadx Ah, you were already here! Then you must know what my argument was ;)