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Hospital #SLPeeps iPad apps

A conversation with suggestions from iPad gurus in SLP Hospital settings on what apps they use the most.
Kelvin Yap @KelvYap

@SLPTanya you know #slpeeps better than i do. Wanting to set up personal iPad for work in hospital...need tips, Ax/screening use.

13/04/2013 11:00:57 WIB
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya

@KelvYap for hospital I'd ask @TactusTherapy @apujo5 and @MaiLingChan - lots of other #medslp but not sure if iPad users #slpeeps

13/04/2013 20:03:53 WIB
Kelvin Yap @KelvYap

@TactusTherapy @slptanya @apujo5 @mailingchan thanks!!!!! I'll send an email. I knew Tanya would come through! :-)

14/04/2013 06:40:57 WIB
Kelvin Yap @KelvYap

@apujo5 @tactustherapy @slptanya @mailingchan cool! I'm looking for tips/ideas on using it as a clinican's tool, not client tool! #tips

14/04/2013 09:07:00 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @apujo5

@KelvYap @tactustherapy @slptanya @mailingchan I use it more for clients. Just because of the way our documentation is set up.

14/04/2013 09:09:00 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @apujo5

@gailbennell @kelvyap @tactustherapy @slptanya @mailingchan one way I use it for me is for reference. There are medication apps, test....

14/04/2013 19:34:21 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @apujo5

@gailbennell @kelvyap @tactustherapy @slptanya @mailingchan reference apps. Also, since most apps tally for me, I use the apps for pt......

14/04/2013 19:35:09 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @apujo5

@KelvYap @gailbennell @TactusTherapy @SLPTanya @MaiLingChan Ok......I use Dysphagia by NSS for pt education, LabTests for reference.

14/04/2013 19:45:22 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @apujo5

@KelvYap @gailbennell @TactusTherapy @SLPTanya @MaiLingChan Drug information by Micromedex, Medi Terms, Cranial Nerves (the $2.99 one).

14/04/2013 19:46:26 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @apujo5

@KelvYap @gailbennell @TactusTherapy @SLPTanya @MaiLingChan Also, s/z ratio, Decibel 10th both for voice, but will give you the ratio and...

14/04/2013 19:47:14 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @apujo5

@KelvYap @gailbennell @tactustherapy @slptanya @mailingchan voice intensity. Speech rates for diadokokinetic rates. Although it's a ped

14/04/2013 19:50:45 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @apujo5

@KelvYap @gailbennell @tactustherapy @slptanya @mailingchan app, I use Language Empires by Smarty Ears for sequencing and language. I also

14/04/2013 19:51:55 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @apujo5

@KelvYap @gailbennell @tactustherapy @slptanya @mailingchan use all Tactus apps, Reading camp, iNameit and Dysphagia2Go by SmartyEars.

14/04/2013 19:52:35 WIB
Emily Wailes @emilywailes

@apujo5 @kelvyap @gailbennell @tactustherapy @slptanya @mailingchan Cranial Nerves is really good (but took a while to orientate to images!)

14/04/2013 20:38:17 WIB
Tactus Therapy @TactusTherapy

@emilywailes @apujo5 @kelvyap @gailbennell @slptanya @mailingchan I use for tx apps, but also text2speech & speech2text for self & clients

14/04/2013 23:14:36 WIB


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