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CNN report on CGC (working)

Steven Jiang @StevenCNN

Our story on Chen Guangcheng's escape is out, more details from my @pearlher intv to come- #freecgc #cnn

27/04/2012 12:09:49 WIB
Steven Jiang @StevenCNN

Translated CGC video statement- appreciate the shoutout to "Batman" and CNN team at 3:51 and now we know Pandaman's real name!

27/04/2012 15:59:25 WIB
Steven Jiang @StevenCNN

My English translation of Chen Guangcheng's full video statement- #freecgc #china

27/04/2012 17:55:22 WIB
Steven Jiang @StevenCNN

Actor Christian Bale reacts to #Chen Guangcheng escape in my latest story- #cnn #china

28/04/2012 20:51:39 WIB
Steven Jiang @StevenCNN


28/04/2012 21:21:45 WIB
Steven Jiang @StevenCNN

Seems ChinaAid posted #Chen Guangcheng video with English subtitles based on my translation- #freecgc #china

29/04/2012 10:23:20 WIB
Steven Jiang @StevenCNN

@pearlher always graceful, but crying in last cnn intv- fearing not 4 self but Chen, others. #china #freecgc heroine

29/04/2012 16:20:46 WIB
Steven Jiang @StevenCNN

Wow 8 of my last 10 posts censored on #Sina #Weibo - that's a record.

30/04/2012 10:25:09 WIB
Steven Jiang @StevenCNN

In other news, "StevenCNN" now a banned search term on #sina #webo in #china - shall I take this as a badge of honor?

30/04/2012 10:40:34 WIB
Steven Jiang @StevenCNN

Sina weibo screen grab: According to relevant laws and policies, search results for StevenCNN are not displayed.

30/04/2012 18:05:28 WIB
Jill Dougherty @jillrussia

Clinton leaves late tonight for Beijing as Obama admin officials scramble to resolve issue of Chen Guangcheng

01/05/2012 03:29:52 WIB
Jill Dougherty @jillrussia

Amidst delicate talks w/China over Chen Gugangcheng Obama admin mum. Favorite phrase: "I don’t have anything for you on that."

01/05/2012 03:30:20 WIB
Jill Dougherty @jillrussia

Obama asked about #Chen Guangcheng refuses to comment but says "every time we meet with China, the issue of human rights comes up."

01/05/2012 03:50:30 WIB
Steven Jiang @StevenCNN

My 3rd try to visit #ChenGuangcheng village just failed, story here and note "watermelon man"- #cnn

02/05/2012 11:19:22 WIB
jonathanwatts @jonathanwatts

Chen Guangcheng to stay in China after authorities pledge to assure his safety by us with photo by @jordanpouille !

02/05/2012 19:20:04 WIB
Steven Jiang @StevenCNN


02/05/2012 19:47:39 WIB
Steven Jiang @StevenCNN


02/05/2012 19:48:28 WIB
Anne-Marie Slaughter @SlaughterAM

Something v weird going on re Chinese sources tweeting news about Chen Guancheng; their twitter pages going in & out; Chinese cyber-attacks?

02/05/2012 19:55:22 WIB
Steven Jiang @StevenCNN

Just spoke to @zengjinyan - she said everything she tweeted is true and asked people to help Chen.

02/05/2012 19:58:15 WIB
Steven Jiang @StevenCNN

US Asst Scty of State Campbell: "I was there... after being asked twice by Amb Locke if he ready to go, he said "zou"- let's go."

02/05/2012 21:41:11 WIB
Jill Dougherty @jillrussia

State Dept.'s Nuland says "At no time did any US official speak to #Chen about physical or legal threats to his wife and children."

02/05/2012 23:42:28 WIB
Jill Dougherty @jillrussia

Asst. Sec of State Kurt Campbell tells CNN #Chen was excited/happy to leave embassy. Was asked 3 times if he wanted to go & he said yes.

02/05/2012 23:45:58 WIB
Jill Dougherty @jillrussia

State Dept says @ no point during his time in Beijing Embassy did #Chen ever request political asylum in US.

02/05/2012 23:47:52 WIB
Jill Dougherty @jillrussia

Hillary Clinton says #Chen has several understandings w/ China govt about his future Making these commitments reality is next crucial task.

02/05/2012 23:50:31 WIB
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