5th International Folklore Festival Sofia 2012

For the fifth year at the height of the summer Sofia will become a meeting place for distant and unknown culture.
Muhamdzani Andradio @muzandra
today i saw people practicing for the international folklore festival in Turki which is held by C I O F F. and it reminds me everything....
Juan M Flores @fanstard
I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/j7Sv1qjn International Folklore Festival - Veliko Tarnovo 2009
Jeanetty Jumah @JeanettyJumah
Folklore Festival May 5-6 at the Fort William Gardens International foods, entertainment http://t.co/kgV1K6T0
Andalucista @Andalucist_a
From today until May 2 #Fuengirola International Peoples Festival. Discover gastronomy & folklore of all 5 continents http://t.co/TsvfRskM

The International Folklore Festival makes its way to Sofia the capital of Bulgaria soon and with it it will bring Folklore ensembles, dance groups, soloists and instrumentalists from all over the world. It is being held at the Nestia Folklore Centre on the 19th to the 23rd July. Hotels in Sofia might get booked up quite quickly during the festival so pre booking would probably be a good option.

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