HFChat Transcript for Friday, February 11, 2011

HFChat is a rapid fire live twitter stream scheduled from Noon to 1:00 PM on Fridays by the HireFriday community. This group of job seekers and job helpers dialog on the best way to seek employment. Topic this week: "It's Social Media Week" or marriage of HireFriday and Socialmedia
Irene L 🇨🇦🕊 εἰρήνη @i_on_food_drink

@demilove #hirefriday #hfchat There are quite a few plus recruiters on LinkedIn industry groups. Also check out winejobs.com

12/02/2011 01:37:53 WIB
Scott Balster @scottbalster

My Twitter could not keep up with #hfchat today!

12/02/2011 01:29:42 WIB
Tom Bolt @TomBolt

Tough to catch all the mentions during rapid fire tweeting. Sorry if I get back to a few later. #hfchat

12/02/2011 01:25:14 WIB
Tom Bolt @TomBolt

@CBforEmployers Not a disqualifier. Just suggesting that the phone# you are giving to potential bosses should be professional. #HFchat

12/02/2011 01:24:11 WIB
Tom Bolt @TomBolt

@mkais7 Taking it IRL should be a consistent theme when talking about anything "social" or "jobs" related. Great topic. #HFchat

12/02/2011 01:21:51 WIB
Matthew James Kaiser @mkais7

@tombolt I would like to see a transition topic on how to move from Social media to the real world for an interview. #HFchat

12/02/2011 01:19:58 WIB
Tom Bolt @TomBolt

@MaureenSharib Thanks for your comments on #HFChat. I love the way that the phone always creeps into a #socialmedia conversation.

12/02/2011 01:19:51 WIB
Tom Bolt @TomBolt

@HireEffect Thanks for the comments and for participating today #hfchat

12/02/2011 01:17:35 WIB
Tom Bolt @TomBolt

What topics would you like to see addressed on #HFChat in the future? #hirefriday #jobsearch #recruiter #hr #jobangels

12/02/2011 01:16:01 WIB

Wonderful #HFChat today everyone. Appreciate the solid #careeradvice.

12/02/2011 01:16:00 WIB

signing out of #HFchat -- GREAT input today you all! Don't forget #HireFriday is ALL DAY, and #jobseekers will be tweeting lots of skills

12/02/2011 01:15:19 WIB
Tom Bolt @TomBolt

I'll be around for another 15 minutes or so, then have to go back to my paying gig if anybody wants to go further. #HFChat

12/02/2011 01:13:59 WIB
Tom Bolt @TomBolt

There is a #HireFriday group on LinkedIn where you can have this kind of dialog at a slower pace. Also post jobs there. Pls RT #HFChat

12/02/2011 01:12:30 WIB
Tom Bolt @TomBolt

Lurkers...ok not to tweet but your feedback is key to make this better. Send me a tweet or connect on LinkedIn. #HFChat

12/02/2011 01:11:29 WIB
Angela Miller @jobhunthero

#Salary negotiations r exhausting.Don’t accept an offer u feel is below what u r worth. U will obsess over it. #hirefriday #hfchat

12/02/2011 01:10:24 WIB
Matthew James Kaiser @mkais7

Thanks to Everyone that contributed to #HFChat today! Great discussion on Social Media Apps and Jobs!

12/02/2011 01:09:34 WIB
Dave Carhart @davecarhart

@OneJillian @ScottBoren Also keeps people from needing to look around. All info in one place, makes it easy for recruiter #HFChat

12/02/2011 01:09:17 WIB
Ashley S @AshShute

@DaveYouTern Didn't see your tweet about my aol comment. Sorry! But the 0s will come back. Then will aol? Ha! #hfchat

12/02/2011 01:08:27 WIB
Leonard Grimm @grimm4_miles

Thx for #HFChat and ideas, recruiters and mods! Peruse my transferable skills on LinkedIn. http://linkd.in/cZLPcz Have a great weekend!

12/02/2011 01:07:34 WIB

@tombolt @HRMargo I love that we came together to make this #HFChat happen - great participation & advice today :)

12/02/2011 01:07:13 WIB
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