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#CustomerService when banking

When stepping into a bank you never know whether you will understand what the employee will say. Because they will use a kind "codes" and specific financial words. Some people say that private banks give a better service.
Ranty Man @ranty_man

In a room full of investment banking analysts. Break out the hair gel.

02/05/2012 15:22:00 WIB

Make Investments in wine for Great Wine Futures

02/05/2012 15:45:22 WIB
John Tax @TaxArticle

Get Yourself A Greater Give back On The Investments With One Of These Tips

02/05/2012 15:43:38 WIB
ΠД£ЪДК @Malbak_EvenFame

RT @SBHooligan_Theo: Investments in your brand should double up in a period of time in order for you to see a successful outcome

02/05/2012 15:37:49 WIB
Arco Comfort Air, LLC @GoArco

Seven Energy Saving Investments To Lower Your Cooling Costs Over The Long Term #hvac #cleveland

02/05/2012 15:37:03 WIB
ABBL Luxembourg @ABBLbanking

Private banking: It’s time for action: Luxembourg for Finance:

02/05/2012 14:44:47 WIB

Money savings is what is on the mind of so many people.

Investment banking is a kind of intriguing process for many of us.

But, with experts to guide and organize - it's the best way to have all investments running smoothly.

Private wealth management is another "dark" financial word.

Overall, banks are using a lot of jargon. But even when explained with common words, it sounds heavy or difficult to get the vision of the actual service.

Services delivered by a personal banker can change the perception of financial establishments, whether there are private banks or not.


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