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Here you will find the handles of tweeters at or following #AGOSCI2013 conference in Sydney 1-4 Nov.

Oh and watch this space for the chirp story! #AGOSCIchat

22/04/2013 18:07:13 WIB
Kate Munro @speechiekate

I'm so excited! I'm attending with some twitter sceptics so this should be interesting.... #AGOSCIchat #AGOSCI2013

22/04/2013 18:06:49 WIB
Gemma @GemmaHolleran

Thanks all, great chat. Look forward to keeping up with tweets coming in next week! #AGOSCIchat thanks @SP_Harmony

22/04/2013 18:06:19 WIB
Emily Wailes @emilywailes

Great chatting tonight everyone! Keep a look out for my tweets - I'll do my best! Thx for moderating @SP_Harmony :) #AGOSCIchat

22/04/2013 18:05:06 WIB

Thanks for joining us everyone! What a busy busy chat! Look forward to tweeting with you all (and meeting too) at #AGOSCI2013 #AGOSCIchat

22/04/2013 18:04:18 WIB
Trina Phuah @TrinaOT

@SP_Harmony Well done and thanks for hosting tonight's #AGOSCIChat. Looking forward to seeing everyone next week!!

22/04/2013 18:03:56 WIB
Prof Bronwyn Hemsley @BronwynHemsley

@AGOSCI Hey @SP_Harmony can we have that poster that people can write on somewhere on the wall near registrations? #AGOSCIchat

22/04/2013 18:02:47 WIB
Gemma @GemmaHolleran

@AGOSCI also interested in Helen tainish and Stacey Cohen. #AGOSCIchat. So many votes!!

22/04/2013 18:02:40 WIB
Leanne Shane @LeanneShane

Sorry I was late, only just checked Facebook. Will keep an eye out for the next one. #AGOSCIchat

22/04/2013 18:02:20 WIB
Tracey Bode @TeaBod

@AGOSCI Thanks! Will check retrospectively. #AGOSCIchat good night all!

22/04/2013 18:02:20 WIB
Prof Bronwyn Hemsley @BronwynHemsley

@LeanneShane hello Leanne! come and see me at the @ISAACAus stall, with @meredithallan, we'd love to say hi in person! :) #AGOSCIchat

22/04/2013 18:02:12 WIB

@TeaBod Sorry Tracey I may have sent you an incorrect link earlier re background to chat: #AGOSCIchat

22/04/2013 18:00:44 WIB
Prof Bronwyn Hemsley @BronwynHemsley

@AGOSCI we definitely need more live tweeters! #AGOSCI2013 And we need a 'poster' (blank) at messages for ppl to list handles #AGOSCIchat

22/04/2013 18:00:35 WIB
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