David Cook on American Idol, May 2: What we've found out so far

What we know of David Cook's Idol appearance on May 2. This contains all related FB posts/tweets. David himself has not confirmed the appearance as of this writing.
COOKistas @COOKistas
UNCONFIRMED. Per Andy Waldeck's FB, David Cook will be performing his new single on American Idol on May 2 http://t.co/MAXo8E7gZY
COOKistas @COOKistas
For those who can't view FB: Andy Waldeck's post re David Cook's American Idol appearance on May 2. http://t.co/Bxxq0rR6P5
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imogenPM @gengenPM
@andyskib Holla from Manila, Andy! Are you gonna be on Idol with David on May 2? 😊
ynna ;) @CnC11394
@TheRealDevinB hey Devin! will i see you on May 2nd on Idol?
Mika @frozenat17
@nickadamsdrums Will I be seeing you on TV soon? Maybe on May 2? *coughs*
David Cook Int'l @DavidCookIntl
@nickadamsdrums Hi Nick! Just wondering if there's any chances we will see you 2nd May 2013 on Idol?? ~Seth x
COOKistas @COOKistas
#IdolUpdate So far, @andyskib @TheRealDevinB & @nickadamsdrums have all confirmed that they will play w/ @thedavidcook on Idol on May 2 :)
monty anderson @montyanderson
To those asking on the twit..Yep I will be on Idol May 2nd with Dave and the guys. Looking forward to it, and hanging with the guys.


COOKistas @COOKistas 22/04/2013 06:10:27 WIB
UPDATED. David Cook on American Idol, May 2: What we've found out so far.
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