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Xeni Jardin Deserves a Prize for Journalism

Xeni Jardin @xeni

Good day from Guatemala. Montt genocide trial appears to be speeding towards conclusion faster than expected. I’m observing in court today.

15/04/2013 19:50:47 WIB
Xeni Jardin @xeni

Here in Guatemala City, day 17 of Montt genocide trial is under way. Here's a summary of the most recent proceedings.

15/04/2013 22:01:39 WIB
Xeni Jardin @xeni

No ethnicity or faith is an enemy. Remember this.

16/04/2013 06:37:04 WIB
Xeni Jardin @xeni

Day 17 of Rios Montt genocide ends. Back in this Guatemala courtroom tomorrow morning.

16/04/2013 06:37:07 WIB
Xeni Jardin @xeni

Good morning from Supreme Court in Guatemala. Day 18 of Montt genocide trial under way. Follow @NISGUA_Guate, @PzPenVivo for live tweets.

16/04/2013 23:16:55 WIB
Xeni Jardin @xeni

Wow. The genocide trial is about to screen an excerpt from Pamela Yates’ film "Granito."

16/04/2013 23:24:22 WIB
Xeni Jardin @xeni

When Montt becomes annoyed or is trying to make forceful point in this interview on screen, he leans forward, speeds up, raises volume.

16/04/2013 23:38:16 WIB
Xeni Jardin @xeni

Right below the screen in court, 86yo Montt leans back, silent, seemingly passive, flanked by lawyers and fellow defendant.

16/04/2013 23:38:49 WIB
Xeni Jardin @xeni

“If I don’t control the Army, what use am I,” 1982 Montt says on screen, boasting total control. Below, 2013 Montt’s lawyers argue opposite.

16/04/2013 23:41:53 WIB
Xeni Jardin @xeni

The flag of international Communist subversion has its roots in hunger, poverty, and sickness, 1982 Montt whispers on-screen.

16/04/2013 23:43:08 WIB
Xeni Jardin @xeni

And because of this, the man on screen explains, we must provide aid the people.

16/04/2013 23:43:34 WIB
Xeni Jardin @xeni

2013 Rios Montt, 86yo, leans back in his chair watching 1982 version of himself on screen. Oh, to be able to read his thoughts right now.

16/04/2013 23:45:14 WIB
Xeni Jardin @xeni

As 1982 intvu of Montt plays, most cameras in courtroom are focused on Ixil people among us. The reactions on their faces.

16/04/2013 23:49:31 WIB
Xeni Jardin @xeni

Rigoberta Menchu Tum, Nobel Prize winner who lost many family members to Montt, is sitting 2 rows behind me, arms folded over chest.

16/04/2013 23:51:19 WIB


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