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LGBT suicide bunuh diri

Short descriptions about scientific findings about suicide on LGBT community.
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There, we need more #LGBT friendly people n less stigma in our society. So yeah, this is @StraightProudID all about...

16/04/2013 21:12:54 WIB
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And when you can't bear all of those thingies which make you stressed...your mental health and psychological well being could be disturbed.

16/04/2013 21:11:22 WIB
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...but it's because the stigmas which lead to pressure and internalized homophobia added to daily stressors that straight people may have...

16/04/2013 21:10:27 WIB
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So, it wasn't because you're a homosexual then you'd likely to have a suicide attempt or being mentally disordered...

16/04/2013 21:08:15 WIB
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The increased risk was greatest (a 6-fold increase) for suicide behavior and having multiple mental disorders (Fergusson et al., 1999).

16/04/2013 21:06:10 WIB
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...suicidal behavior, but also of depression, anxiety, substance abuse.

16/04/2013 21:05:52 WIB
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A longitudinal study of children from New Zealand (birth to age 21) found that gay, lesbian, n bisexual youth had higher risk not only of...

16/04/2013 21:05:17 WIB
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The reasons for this reversal are not well understood (McDaniel et al., 2001).

16/04/2013 21:03:28 WIB
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This contrasts with the general population, in which female teenagers and young adults attempt suicide more frequently than do males.

16/04/2013 21:03:14 WIB
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Most studies on suicidality in homosexuals document the elevation of risk in young males (McDaniel et al., 2001), not young females.

16/04/2013 21:02:57 WIB
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In young adult and middle-aged homosexuals, the prevalence is lower but still significantly elevated compared to controls...

16/04/2013 21:02:36 WIB
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Strikingly, most of the school-based studies among gay or bisexual adolescents found about 30 percent had attempted suicide.

16/04/2013 21:02:16 WIB
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Similarly, 5 studies of high school students found elevated rates of suicide attempts among males engaging in same-sex behavior...

16/04/2013 21:01:51 WIB
Chinese Bot @FuckMyChiAss have reported a suicide attempt (Bagley and Tremblay, 1997; Cochran and Mays, 2000).

16/04/2013 21:00:46 WIB
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Population-based studies of homosexual or bisexual males (ages 18-40 or so) found them to be 5–14 times more likely than heterosexual males

16/04/2013 20:59:34 WIB
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But findings are less clear regarding suicide completion (McDaniel et al., 2001).

16/04/2013 20:58:29 WIB
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Young homosexual or bisexual males are at greater risk than heterosexuals for suicide attempts (McDaniel et al., 2001)

16/04/2013 20:57:34 WIB
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#LGBT community face societal stigma, discrimination, and violence victimization, among other stressors (Faulkner and Cranston, 1998)

16/04/2013 20:56:11 WIB
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For our dearest #LGBT friends, tonight we dedicate a series of tweet to give you more info about suicide in #LGBT community

16/04/2013 20:55:11 WIB
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So, stay strong. We could give our best for our life. Deep inside our soul, it has its own strength to deal with all of those shits. Use it!

16/04/2013 20:53:28 WIB
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Our ancestor have survived for million years through all disasters and worsts times nature could give. Here we are, we stand as human.

16/04/2013 20:51:12 WIB
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Yeah, they do survive through all the war and burden they have. Cos human do write their own story, it's our option to keep livings

16/04/2013 20:50:15 WIB
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Or maybe u want to end ur life cause u have to pass the worst war with your self like people @BipolarCenterID @kpsi_pusat have survived

16/04/2013 20:47:46 WIB
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Yes, your life may have a lot of burdens, but yes, you also can see those burdens as blessings, like the @BlessBurden project always say!

16/04/2013 20:45:25 WIB


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