Anonymous Goes After William Talley As He Trolls For Unite Blue

The day after Unite Blue founder Zach Green insinuated that Michael Galvin @MichaelGalvin01Read More
Trump's an Evil Monster @DkChoco

@TrinaCuppett I saw that, and when did Dale join the clan & add Twibbon? Spoke w/her wk ago, admitted she joined out of fear of suspension.

14/04/2013 13:20:35 WIB
Trump's an Evil Monster @DkChoco

RT @TrinaCuppett @dkchoco That's nothing compared to Zach threatening our friend with #Anonymous is a terrorist organization.

14/04/2013 13:26:47 WIB
Trump's an Evil Monster @DkChoco

"@TrinaCuppett @dkchoco They threatened our friend last night and me tonight. They have crossed the proverbial line & they "libeled" me."

14/04/2013 13:36:58 WIB
end hate radio @EndHateRadio

@optrollbill3 hi there, stoprush is not monolithic. If there's a child pornographer in our midst, Im happy to inform others. Yuck!

15/04/2013 01:48:04 WIB
end hate radio @EndHateRadio

@deadmousesqueak ??? If there's is a child pornographer in our midst, I can't support that!

15/04/2013 01:51:08 WIB

Hey Bill is back on >> at his handle Strategic_Bill ----- he's not finished playing games with #Anonymous lol

15/04/2013 01:56:09 WIB
end hate radio @EndHateRadio

@optrollbill3 I agree. I think I know who you mean. That freak is not a name I associate with #stoprush (which is very diverse.)

15/04/2013 01:56:38 WIB

@EndHateRadio People are trolling Anons and calling for spam-flag mobs on #Anons using both StopRush and Uniteblue hashtags

15/04/2013 01:57:22 WIB
end hate radio @EndHateRadio

@optrollbill3 also, while some who tweet for #stoprush ARE #uniteblue, many ( like me) are adamantly not.

15/04/2013 01:58:00 WIB

@EndHateRadio We do not want a war with UniteBlue or any other political organization. We want justice. He should not be allowed on Twitter.

15/04/2013 01:58:12 WIB

@EndHateRadio It is very specific members on Uniteblue that are doing this. They also say Anons framed Bill in 2005.

15/04/2013 01:59:08 WIB
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end hate radio @EndHateRadio

@optrollbill3 #uniteblue seems devoted to defending that person. I don't get it, but there you go. The best one can do is monitor.

15/04/2013 01:59:31 WIB
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