Welcome to the Big Apple #OV101 #Enterprise! Wheels down at JFK Airport. #SpottheShuttle
Dan Budiac @dansays
I fired off over 100 shots, but the very first exposure turned out the best. http://t.co/swR84bAd #spottheshuttle
Kevin Galliford @KallMeKG
WOW!!! RT: @EricaRHill #Enterprise making its way up the Hudson, as seen from my hubby's office #SpotTheShuttle http://t.co/76ahBExw
Phil N. @PhilNashEsq
Space Shuttle Enterprise spotted over Hofstra Law School! #OV101 #spottheshuttle
Juan @ecuamerican
@brianstelter Kinda disappointed the local networks didn't have the #SpotTheShuttle tag onscreen
♭øşſї @thisisbossi
Shuttle preparing to land as JFK sorts their other planes sorted... sounds like they're clearing 4L/22R. #SpotTheShuttle #OV101
Aaron Crocco @AaronCrocco
I just saw the #Enterprise!!! It literally just flew by my office! #SpotTheShuttle
beth beck @bethbeck
RT @GlobeTrotScott: Shuttle fly-by shot with crowd jostling for best smart phone photo #SpotTheShuttle http://t.co/v0K43gS9
MishMatched @HeyItzMishXoXo
Just saw a space shuttle being flown into manhattan from my office window #shuttlespotting #spottheshuttle ✈🚀
luis fernandez @luisfern5
Feeling like a Kid. Just spotted the enterprise rolling by. #spottheshuttle #cool http://t.co/gVOBw8Qa
Jennifer Borland @kisbundas
So much shuttle action lately feels like the 80s! RT @jdcarter: There she goes. #spottheshuttle http://t.co/tNiLDUbI
Kelley Wheelock @KelleyApril
My loves combined! :) MT @ageekmom #Enterprise viewed from the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts http://t.co/O3wtAEds #SpotTheShuttle
Michael Estabrook @mestabrook
I feel slightly left out that we don't have a space shuttle coming to Boston. #spottheshuttle
M M @MikeMarett
Just spotted Space Shuttle Enterprise fly by me at Newark (EWR) #SpottheShuttle http://t.co/e77VA7M4
Tzena @TzenaNicole
Shuttle's back again. 3rd time Somehow it's less exciting now... Ha!! Typical NYer: "over it". #ShuttleFatigue #spottheshuttle
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newg @northanger 27/04/2012 20:56:45 WIB
Lori Garver just said Mr Spock will be welcoming Enterprise, on CNN
newg @northanger 27/04/2012 22:23:15 WIB
Enterprise just landed at JFK on her awesome piggyback ride #spottheshuttle
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