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Tweets from #SMSS Social Media Strategies Summit

A compilation of Tweets from day one of the Social Media Strategies Summit held in San Francisco. Day one included keynotes from Aaron Magness on "Extending the Customer Experience" and Gayle Weiswasser on "Shark Week 2010: How Discovery Channel Used Social Media To Build Engagement and Amplify Fan Voices," a variety of breakout sessions, and more. Event site: http://socialmediastrategiessummit.com/
GSMI @GSMIonline

Getting excited for the Social Media Strategies Summit in San Fran #SMSS

04/02/2011 03:58:07 WIB
Golden Key Marketing @BoostAcctgRefer

The great thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving. - Oliver Wendell Holmes - #BAR #quote #SMSS

04/02/2011 04:00:48 WIB

Ignore #SMSs @ your peril:About a year ago, an SMSpopped up on Niek #DeGreef's cellphone telling him he h #SouthAfrica: http://bit.ly/hUmwpB

04/02/2011 10:00:16 WIB
Monica Llagostera @mllagostera

Un nuevo viaje... El lunes a San Francisco! Me voy al Social Media Strategies Summit!! A ver qué aprendo... ;-) http://bit.ly/cL9EKi #SMSS

04/02/2011 15:50:17 WIB
Monica Llagostera @mllagostera

@carmencaroa @intikijllu @geniromero Bueno, sí pero en parte... Me voy al Social Media Strategies Summit!! ;-) http://bit.ly/cL9EKi #SMSS

05/02/2011 02:06:08 WIB
Golden Key Marketing @BoostAcctgRefer

Nothing will work unless you do. -- Maya Angelou -- #BAR #quote #SMSS

06/02/2011 01:12:54 WIB
Viviane Dupre @vdupre

Will be at the Social Media Strategies Summit this week in SanFrancisco. Looks very interesting ! Will share the good stuff. #SMSS

06/02/2011 01:57:11 WIB
Golden Key Marketing @BoostAcctgRefer

"Failure is the mother of success." -- English saying -- #BAR #quote #SMSS

06/02/2011 04:00:03 WIB
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