Bruins Fans Calling Joel Ward The N-Word

Washington Capitals player Joel Ward scored a game-winning goal in overtime to take Washington Capitals over the Boston Bruins in the seventh game of the first round of the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs.
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Dale @_andrew_david
So fucking mad. That fucking nigger scored #4thlineblacktrash
We lost.... To a hockey playing nigger.... What kind of shit is this
Joel Ward your a nigger. Holtby, get a life. I never wanna see Tim Thomas in a bruins jersey ever again #washedup #bum
Can't believe Boston just let a sand nigger beat them #gobacktothejungle @abrownn36
i cant believe the series winner was scored by a FUCKING NIGGER #bullshit
Of course the only fucking nigger on washington scores! @Sabres_rock2629
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A nigger beat us in #OT Are you kidding me?
stupid nigger go play basketball hockey is a white sport
Fucking stupid arrogant, smelly, useless, waste of life, sad excuse for a NHL hockey playing NIGGER!!!!
Chase Coulson @BarDownChase
Joel Ward is the first nigger to score in game 7 overtime
Joe Pelosi @joe_pelosi
Of course it's the fucking nigger. White power! 🙌
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Crazy Eyes @tommyt1295
The fact that a nigger scored the winner goal makes this loss hurt a lot more
Stop acting like you actually saw that nigger score
that nigger deserves to hang.
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Daniel Harker @HarkerHabs 26/04/2012 10:37:59 WIB
ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED WITH EVERY PIECE OF TRASH HERE! YOU SHOULD ALL HAVE YOUR HEADS BLOWN IN FOR ACTING LIKE SUCH PIGS! I was right, the bruins didnt deserve the cup this year and they sure as hell didnt deserve it this year with the way you pieces of shi
Daniel Harker @HarkerHabs 26/04/2012 10:38:51 WIB
@brendmaitland Your a piece of shit... Racist little slime
Daniel Harker @HarkerHabs 26/04/2012 10:39:58 WIB
@gorgeousgreg10 Hey Greg, How about I come and slap the shit outta you? Talking like that, you should be REAL proud of yourself... asswipe
Daniel Harker @HarkerHabs 26/04/2012 10:43:34 WIB
@Grizzlymarshall K bud, Really proving my point.. The bruins didnt deserve shit all last year, and they def did not deserve shit all this year. Racist piece of shits
Daniel Harker @HarkerHabs 26/04/2012 10:44:22 WIB
@RealSteezyDubz How bout i come and plaster your face in you racist piece of shit?
Obi Woke Kinobi ™ @BallSixOFour 26/04/2012 10:44:48 WIB
The only thing uglier than Brad Marchand and Chara are the racist pussies calling Joel Ward the N word. Booing your team and then this..... What a gross and disgusting fan base. So fucking glad Boston is done.
Jojo jelly @jodyhooker 26/04/2012 10:46:46 WIB
Holy CRAP! really, you people actually still use that word? You're a bunch of fucking idiots!
Treena Newman @TreenaNewman 26/04/2012 10:52:48 WIB
Is wondering how people can say the Canucks have the worst fans after reading this absolutely disgusting response to Boston losing. I have no love for the Capitals but in the end they wanted it more and they got.
Zeny C. @WeAreTheSexyKid 26/04/2012 10:57:16 WIB
Woah calling people that is not right but I swear any dipshit who says they think the Bruins Deserved to loose is a dick! Why can't understand why people can't just live with opinions god! #Bruinsshouldhaveone!
Mike @Shabotly 26/04/2012 11:03:49 WIB
it's unfair to insinuate that all Bruins fans act this way. All cities have fans like this and if you deny it, you're a damn liar. I don't condone what these people said, but to call all Bruins fans racists is like calling all Germans Nazis.
~9~ @spoon9z 26/04/2012 11:05:47 WIB
beyond a pathetic display here deplorable, pathetic and simply put, sad to see
Arnaud @arn24habs 26/04/2012 11:08:45 WIB
So disgusted you ppl aren't hockey fans you don't deserve to play or even watch this GREAT game. I almost feel ashamed of my sport today.
MacGyver @MattLorenzo 26/04/2012 11:13:21 WIB
Any idiot who talks like that deserves to be punched in the face. What a joke you racist douche bags.
Dani Quarantina @VeggieTart 26/04/2012 11:14:17 WIB
What the hell is WRONG with people? Bitter much? You assholes spewing racist garbage should be ashamed of yourselves. Racism, sexism, and homophobia have NO place in hockey. Now, shut the fuck up, cry in your beers, and remember there's always next se
keats @_keator 26/04/2012 11:17:58 WIB
Wouldn't expect anything different from the most racist city in American. I hope all these asshole learn the power of twitter and get exposed by national media. FU boston
Luca Fogale @LucaFogale 26/04/2012 11:19:25 WIB
This makes me sick. You racist pricks are so far beyond being awful human beings it blows my mind. Fingers crossed that every single one of your miserable lives are realllllly short lived.
Obi Woke Kinobi ™ @BallSixOFour 26/04/2012 11:21:36 WIB
I didn't think it was possible to hate this team and its trash fan base anymore than i already do. Holy shit Boston, you really are vile racist scum. If the city had an ounce of honour they would hunt these scumbags down like Vancouver did the rioters.. N
Alison Malis @viccanucks 26/04/2012 11:23:47 WIB
Oh my god. I didn't realize there were still people like this in the US. Wow. That's horribly amazing.
theBorg @wbborg 26/04/2012 11:30:06 WIB
This is absolutely pathetic to even think that there are still people that will throw a racial slur like this around.
@derdevl 26/04/2012 11:31:04 WIB
Painting every Bruins fan and the team as garbage is as bad as using the disgusting N are judging a group of people based on a few. Grow up..
Justin Thee Scallion @JustinChanPants 26/04/2012 11:31:31 WIB
wowwwwwww that racism will get you real far in life
Allison @allipaige 26/04/2012 11:31:40 WIB
mattyg @mattg1013 26/04/2012 11:34:01 WIB
and massholes wonder how they get their reputation of being racist. stay classy boston.
Alison Malis @viccanucks 26/04/2012 11:54:03 WIB
"Suddenly rioting after a loss doesn't seem that embarrassing"
Colin @colinb7654 26/04/2012 12:03:48 WIB
Stay classy Boston, 1954 called, they want their prejudice back #growup
Alison Malis @viccanucks 26/04/2012 12:07:22 WIB
Hey, Brandon deleted his Twitter account! I wonder why.
sabrina murphy b. @BsabrinaUB 26/04/2012 12:08:26 WIB
I loaded 1st 20 ppl I saw, 4 were black & Not B's fans, 4 Flyers fans, 1 Alabama KKK member, Out of the 20 only 2 were in MA & embarrassed to say "supposed" fans. Bruins were the 1st team to have a Black player so?? These idiots are not real Bruins fans o
sabrina murphy b. @BsabrinaUB 26/04/2012 12:10:39 WIB
Also I am disgusted by some comments here. Did you load everyone to see if they were in MA or a B's fan?? I did and they are not, I found 2. Don't judge us! MA is not the south!
Country over Party @outcry27 26/04/2012 12:19:36 WIB
@BsabrinaUB EXCUSE ME?! Pot, Kettle, Black! You say "Don't judge us" about calling MA racist, and then call everyone in the South racist IN THE SAME SENTENCE.
Country over Party @outcry27 26/04/2012 12:21:31 WIB
@BsabrinaUB I was born and raised in the South and I'm just as disgusted by this racism as you are. Your "we are not the south" comment is just as prejudiced as the racists above. Shame on you.
SteelCityJagoff#TGDN @SteelCityJagoff 26/04/2012 12:25:21 WIB
Typical New England sports pigs. Can't take a loss like a man. Assholes think they deserve the cup, deserve the Superbowl. You have to want it more than the next guy does and the Bruins didn't. All those white dudes let him get in there to take the shot.
Chrissy @ChrissyMarie_81 26/04/2012 12:26:08 WIB
Most of these racist comments were posted by KIDS and most likely not TRUE #Bruins fans. All of us TRUE fans do have class!! So for those of you who think all Bruins fans are racist, you're wrong. These tweets are from a bunch of ignorant kids who have no
Commish of hangin' @TheBeerNerd 26/04/2012 12:40:57 WIB
Admittedly, some of these aren't even Bruins fans. That doesn't change the fact that Boston fans are historically the most racist in the country- Yawkey called Jackie Robinson a nigger, and the city didn't care about the Celtics in the '60s because their
Commish of hangin' @TheBeerNerd 26/04/2012 12:42:20 WIB
(cont.) best player, Bill Russell, was black. Not to mention the Celtics fans who hype up awful white players when they get them.
Allan Hall @AllanEHall 26/04/2012 12:47:02 WIB
Come on Bruins fans, I didn't think you'd be as low as THIS...
Kelly Nyyyce @ApparentlyKelly 26/04/2012 13:04:32 WIB
Jerk offs! Boston wouldn't be on the map if it wasn't for the Boston Celtics who have the best starting 3! Who are all African-American lol Can't wait to hear what the Bruins have to say about all this bullshit. I mean we are living in 2012 jerk offs.
Mike @Mike_Habs 26/04/2012 14:02:43 WIB
I am glad these people have been exposed. It's disgusting and out of line to say these things just because he scored the OT winner. Racism doesn't belong anywhere. Grow up please.
Obi Woke Kinobi ™ @BallSixOFour 26/04/2012 14:10:39 WIB
As a white man that respects hockey and black culture i am going to make exposing these fucking vile c*nts my hobby for the next few days.
Save, Roy! @save_roy 26/04/2012 14:58:03 WIB
What's hilarious is that the Bruins broke the NHL color barrier in 1958, his name was Willie O'Ree. He wore your jersey, was he a n*gger? Hypocrisy at it's finest, may you rot in Hell.
Dusty @Scruzzer 26/04/2012 15:22:45 WIB
With fans like these, Boston didn't deserve to win.
Ian Heller @iheller 26/04/2012 18:20:17 WIB
Most of the people aren't even Bruins fans. One of the guys has a Detroit Red Wings avatar. Other than that, most of these degenerates don't even have hair on their genitals yet so let em grow up a bit. #DoesNotRepresentBoston
Casey Settleman @CaseyRavens27 26/04/2012 18:37:57 WIB
Thi is terrible don't blame it on the skin color that the capitals are amazing. #suckitbruinsfans
🇨🇦Paqtasit Apsalqigwat👸🏼🤘🏼☘️🐓🍷 @Corbynsmama 26/04/2012 19:44:05 WIB
Any person who would use such bigoted and racist comments because their team lost is not a true fucking fan!!! I'm so sick to death of the use of the N word to describe black people.... #2012theyeartoendracism
~DRANKIN~ @DNYCE305 26/04/2012 19:49:05 WIB
Bruins fans showing their true selves in defeat! Put on your white sheets why don't you! Boston has to be one of the racist cities in the country; one would think it was a southern state. I wish every non caucasin professional athlete would take a stan
David Sidman @SidmanDavid 26/04/2012 19:57:13 WIB
Embarrassing that our society still has racist morons. These people need an education
@Balls_Out_Bob 26/04/2012 19:58:44 WIB
Yep he sure did. That's why Boston sucks. Been there and hated it. Everyone there is ignorant ungreatfull, and rude. But bruins are out. bye bruins.
QD @BlackGirlWonder 26/04/2012 20:04:22 WIB
iif you're going to be a racist asshole at least use proper grammar and spelling.
BST&N @bossprtsthennow 26/04/2012 20:19:26 WIB
I am a Bruins fan and I am ashamed of these classless, ignorant and idiotic morons. If they were true fans they would know the Bruins had the first African canadian Willie O'Ree on their team to break the color barrier. Turn in your fan card, you pieces o
Dickie🇳🇿🇦🇺 @Ric_Waterhouse 26/04/2012 20:23:46 WIB
I'm happy for Joel Ward of The Washington Capitals for scoring a series winning overtime goal. Calling him anything but a hero is disgusting.
JayShockblast @JayShockblast 26/04/2012 20:25:37 WIB
First of all, I am not even remotely defending any of these idiots, but that is exactly what they are, a very small minority of stupid people making idiotic comments. To see Vancouver fans trying to claim this makes up for their riots is absolutely astoun
Corey Zuckerman @CoreyZuck 26/04/2012 20:26:58 WIB
hahah wow fans proving just how unclass they really are. You guys are all a fuckin gisgrace to hockey and ur bruins can suck my fuckin coq BRUINS OUT BABY YOU ALL CAN GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!!! #marchand is a fuckin bitch #tim thomas is a fuckin old
JayShockblast @JayShockblast 26/04/2012 20:29:28 WIB
So apparently there is a character limit... long story short, these are a small minority of idiots, many of which aren't even Boston fans. This could happen anywhere.
JayShockblast @JayShockblast 26/04/2012 20:30:46 WIB
That doesn't defend what any of them said, but they were clearly doing it for a reaction and most of them look like they are high school kids. Definitely shitty all around though.
QD @BlackGirlWonder 26/04/2012 20:33:36 WIB
fyi: in any sport; if a win comes down to one point, that is a reflection of your team.
Erin @howboutno 26/04/2012 21:00:23 WIB
Hey Boston! Your racism is showing!
Erin @howboutno 26/04/2012 21:03:09 WIB
And for those saying these aren't Bruins fans, it's still a reflection on y'all. Those Vancouver riots weren't all Canucks fans, but it reflected on the team.
Amanda Theriault @Theriault_A 26/04/2012 21:20:33 WIB
I think people are seriously stupid, Ya'll need to stop being racist!!!! Learn to grow up! He is clearly an amazing hockey player. You all are just jealous poor losers!!! The color of the person does not make them different! WE are ALL PEOPLE!
Dermot Mulvihill @dmulvihill1 26/04/2012 21:24:11 WIB
Just an FYI Bruins Fans: Willie O Ree - first black hockey player in the NHL and he played with??? The Boston Bruins!!! Willie Eldon O'Ree, OC, ONB (born October 15, 1935, Fredericton, New Brunswick) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player, k
Anna Lindgren @AnnaRoseLin 26/04/2012 21:32:19 WIB
This just makes me so sad. Why do we have to resort to this kind of angry, ignorant slander? it's a GAME. let it go.
Dave Henson @davehenson 26/04/2012 21:52:00 WIB
Stay classy Bruin fans. As if i needed another reason to hate Boston!
Dfor @DannyFormo 26/04/2012 21:52:51 WIB
You guys are all pieces of shit
B @bmizz12 26/04/2012 21:53:54 WIB
This disgusts me...truly embarrassed that we are fans of the same team.
Sarah Kenny @sarkeny 26/04/2012 21:55:46 WIB
F-IN sick BRUINS FANS for your racist rants over our shining star, Joel Ward. You all should be ashamed and I hope eventually deported. CLASSLESS LOWLIFE BRUIN FANS. God please forgive them. #Caps #CapsBruins #CapsForever
PredDan/RangerDan @Seitsumiyo 26/04/2012 21:57:09 WIB
you're all assholes you stupid bruin fans. atleast the ones on were nice and classy. screw white power. going to get upset over a black man scoring in a such a great sport? fuck off.
pamwatts @pamwatts 26/04/2012 22:08:13 WIB
Just terrible, glad I am not a fan of hockey. When are the thick headed going to learn that we are a human race, nothing differs one color from another accept for human morals and compass. You go Ward, I'm white and couldn't be prouder.
Cait @Traptinthe1800s 26/04/2012 22:23:46 WIB
@im_THAT_dude28 are you fucking kidding me? Do you realize that the Bruins had the first black player in the NHL!
Matt Milmore @illmore0604 26/04/2012 22:30:28 WIB
So you deem a city of 600,000 people racist from 15 tweets? #ignorant
@BeansNC 26/04/2012 22:51:22 WIB
As a bruins fan it really saddens and disgusts me the way these assholes act.
@Me_Rock_Hard 26/04/2012 22:51:51 WIB
What one is a post from Sheriff66?
@EricWhosoever 26/04/2012 22:59:08 WIB
I would like challenge anyone of this ignorant racist shitheads to say that word straight to Joel Wards face, that dude would hurt you and if he doesn't hurt you I will!!! These people think their badass cause their behind a keyboard, real life they would
mark mailloux @maaloxonceaday 26/04/2012 23:13:54 WIB
As former player (I won't name the team) and I played with black players, every one of you who said, what you said are a disgrace to the human race. You are gutless and cowards! I am embarrased for your parents, they should have aborted! Your team lost, g
Ross Freedman @vanityproject 26/04/2012 23:14:15 WIB
Ashamed to be from Boston if this is in any way representative of how people feel. *THIS* is why so many athletes don't want to play in Boston. Grow up.
Sean Peters @thabooman 26/04/2012 23:42:50 WIB
you fucking dumbasses. half of the people here are niggers. they have the right to call another nigger, a nigger. nigger. thats all.
Liz Rogers @LizzyJoRogers 26/04/2012 23:44:35 WIB
not surprised, bruins fans are so classy, NOT. worst fan base in the nhl.
Onyeka Onochie 🇨🇦 @GoBlue8997 27/04/2012 00:18:12 WIB
Absolutely disgusting. I hope all you racist pieces of shit burn in hell.
catherine zaine @ktzaine 27/04/2012 00:47:17 WIB
i can´t believe that this could be happend in this sport!!... what are thinking bruins fans???... said that just exposed the less culture and love for the sport that you have!!!... i´m glad the caps won!! not for be a fans from them, is for don´t let tha
Rudy Zappa Martinez @garagehero 27/04/2012 00:47:56 WIB
Black hockey players speak better English and more articulate than black football,basketball players. And infinitley more polite.
Rudy Zappa Martinez @garagehero 27/04/2012 00:50:05 WIB
A black guy conforms, assimilates and even excells in white society, and STILL gets dumped on. Sucks.
Jan Dumas @fibrowitch 27/04/2012 00:50:39 WIB
While the people making these comments are disgusting I doubt they are speaking for the majority of Bruins fans Or Bostonians George B must be spinning in his grave today
@kurtsascha 27/04/2012 00:53:18 WIB
Just more proof of why boston not on sucks in sports...but culture as well
Rudy Zappa Martinez @garagehero 27/04/2012 00:55:16 WIB
Bill Russell....Parish...Big Papi...gosh...Willie O'Ree...WTF???
Rudy Zappa Martinez @garagehero 27/04/2012 00:56:27 WIB
Tom Yawkey reaches out from the grave.....
@1EvenStephen 27/04/2012 01:01:42 WIB
@AndrewDulac6 you fucking tool typical useless Bawstan fan
paul gray @pfg01824 27/04/2012 01:15:01 WIB
Please don't lump all boston fans into what these monrons wrote.Every city has jerks like these the sad part is that they have a forum to share their thoughts.
George Ulrich @revhtnht 27/04/2012 01:16:58 WIB
I will be tracking down all of your twitter accounts, and making sure that your posts find their way to your workplace, hopefully you've included a picture of your smiling face with your account so the people in your office can pick out the racist human g
Mr. Democracy @TheActualTodd 27/04/2012 01:19:20 WIB
Screw these ignorant pieces of shit, each and every one of them. Not one of them could lace them up against Ward.
Sean @Seanfranchise6 27/04/2012 01:40:29 WIB
Boston Fan. Proving once again that they are absolutely classless douchebags.
James Rehrauer @Rehrauer99 27/04/2012 01:43:50 WIB
Wow what sorry ass racist losers the Bruins fans are.
cvinthekitchen @CVintheKitchen 27/04/2012 01:53:04 WIB
hahaha it is so funny to see how many of these ignoramuses have closed their twitter accounts after they got caught! haha the true spine of a racist is to run and hide come show time! Good job Chirp:)
DJ Cage @djcage58 27/04/2012 02:00:40 WIB
The comments made by these "supposed" fans are disgraceful, sickening and make me sad to be a human in general with this kind of thought still out there. As a Boston sports fan, I apologize for the ignorance shown by all involved, and I hope there is some
Stream Of Conscious @StrmOfConscious 27/04/2012 02:02:00 WIB
Wow...every single one of these racist pieces of shit should do the world a favor and kill themselves.
@MrFunnyMuck 27/04/2012 02:04:01 WIB
how do you guys know that everyone of these tweets are from bruins fans some look like bruins but some just look hockey fans watching the game like wow that n-- just won the game this is a white sport blah blah blah. How do you know that that guy is a bru
The Science Guy @1_20_20 27/04/2012 02:05:07 WIB
Wow....just Eff the Bruins' fans. Ridiculous!
Frank Parker @fparker77 27/04/2012 02:11:26 WIB
4th guy down has a RedWings logo as his profile pic... another screen down, a dude named Sabres_Rock. But it's "Bruins fans" doing the name calling... way to drop bombs.
@MrFunnyMuck 27/04/2012 02:12:52 WIB
read the tweets then look at there page , most are black , puerto rican, or fan of another team (mikeanzideo is a flyers fan !!!) so stop blaming all the bruins fans saying there the only ones that tweeted these comments.Click on the screenname and look a
Leoo_413 @Leoo_413 27/04/2012 02:17:38 WIB
I am so ashamed to call myself Bruins fan right now... the fact that we lost a HOCKEY GAME (not a person, not a city, not money) and people are speaking this way, is the most ignorant thing I have ever experienced. I'm a Bruins fan but I give mad respec
Michael Toy @Miketoy12 27/04/2012 02:17:49 WIB
Let's everyone know who didn't know and confirms what the rest already knew. Racism is still wide spread. Had a conversation with someone not to long ago about this and they didn't believe. Lots of shocked people I bet but trust me many aren't. Imagine ho
Trevor Watson @WatsonVII 27/04/2012 02:27:51 WIB
Disgusting. I don't care if you're a Bruins, Flyers or even a hockey fan. You start to lose faith in humanity after reading about stories like this. To those of you using completely uncalled for racial aggression, you should be ashamed. Your ignorance wil
Nuno Bojar @NBjar 27/04/2012 02:43:44 WIB
It wasn't just "Bruins Fans" so please change the headline and the meme.
Mike Bucceri @mbucceri23 27/04/2012 03:01:30 WIB
Wow these people are a joke, as a B's season ticket holder, I'm embarrassed that these people claim to be fans.
nyteshayde @Nacht_Schaden 27/04/2012 03:09:51 WIB
Using racial slurs against a US athlete for making the winning shot for his team? Absolutely unconscionable, disgusting, and shameful.
john vukovic @jvuk1hotmailcom 27/04/2012 03:17:06 WIB
Anybody that expresses a racist remark publicly should be executed and we are an emasculated society for not doing so. Our world would be so much better without that kind of ignorance and it would improve the human gene pool
@angryflower1 27/04/2012 03:18:50 WIB
These people deserve being fired from their jobs, humiliate them on the media to the point that they're truly ashamed of what they done and take history classes on African-American Culture and also tolerance with other races course.
Troy @TloveThe 27/04/2012 03:33:02 WIB
You have got to be fucking serious. I am a Bruins fan and pissed but there isn't anything you can do. Congrats to Joel for making a historical goal to win the game, and I hope they do well! its a game btw
'RealDeal'Steele🇺🇸 @LAfancirca1984 27/04/2012 03:34:41 WIB
I would be pretty ashamed of Boston fans. All of your sports teams seem to be doing great and you ruin your fan rep by acting like a bunch of classless douche bags. Unbelievable.
Eric Miller @millerde3 27/04/2012 03:41:06 WIB
I hope all of you f-ing racist losers get what’s coming. I hope you don’t have any african american friends or attend schools with african american students. Dead meat! You will be hunted and punished, trust me…
UK Jerry lawrence @ukjerry007 27/04/2012 03:52:00 WIB
As a basketball fan from Kentucky. I always knew that Boston media was turning a blind eye to bigots in their own town by call UK names. Truth is finally showing its self. UK has had a unfair rep and we have a Black FB coach and have had a Black BB coach
UK Jerry lawrence @ukjerry007 27/04/2012 03:52:29 WIB
As a basketball fan from Kentucky. I always knew that Boston media was turning a blind eye to bigots in their own town by call UK names. Truth is finally showing its self. UK has had a unfair rep and we have a Black FB coach and have had a Black BB coach
Don't follow me, I'm boring. @BrianMiks 27/04/2012 03:55:17 WIB
I will never bag on Vancouver fans again. At the very least they aren't racist. Its incredible that these "fans" come yelling racial slurs the second a black dude scores a goal. I am embarrassed for the real Boston fans because these meatheads give you gu
Robert Hamilton @rham1222 27/04/2012 03:57:27 WIB
Ya know folks, i am sure u all listen to Jay Z and Kayne West and all the other rappers who use the N-Word.. i am not by any means defending these tweets, they are deplorable.. but i bet alot of people on here listen to this racist, sexist form of garbage
Mark Trought @mtrought 27/04/2012 03:57:31 WIB
all haters of other races are really cave men and women. U cannot teach a caveman new tricks
Sean Sopata @laethyn 27/04/2012 04:00:20 WIB
On the bright side, looks like more and more of the accounts listed are no longer active. Perhaps Twitter is shutting them down? I hope so! there's no room in the world for idiots like this.
DSP @ScafePozzobon 27/04/2012 04:09:00 WIB
@Grizzlymarshall well that's pretty pathetic of you...
Mikael Solomon @meeksol 27/04/2012 04:18:23 WIB
I'll be happy when all of these people have to delete their accounts because of the amount of hate sent their way.
nicholas jenkins @nick12490 27/04/2012 04:19:24 WIB
Responding to something like this with name calling accomplishes nothing. Rappers use nigga meaning friend or associate. Racist use nigger. So saying ohh black people call each other niggers everyday is false. Not many black people play hockey its not pop
Rowdy @RobRaze 27/04/2012 04:22:55 WIB
ya know whats funny bout these fairweather bruin "fans"? Willie O'Ree, the man to break the color barrier in the NHL, played for the Boston Bruins... learn your history. All you faggots became fans last May anyways.
julie kaczmarek @juliekaczmarek 27/04/2012 04:42:58 WIB
You people are disgusting! The Caps kicked your racist dirty ass cheating team! Way to go Caps, Rock the Red!!!!
Erin @ef_erin 27/04/2012 05:00:15 WIB
I am the biggest Bruins fan around, and I have to say, this embarrasses me. This is fucking sick. I like the Caps, and Ward, and Holtby. Not all fans a re like this and this is like that 3% that don't know anything about hockey and sports. Again, I am sor
Erin @ef_erin 27/04/2012 05:05:26 WIB
Oh, and this DOESN'T represent Boston. Maybe if you saw, more than half of these people are not from Boston. Theses are not true Bruins fans, and do not represent Boston.
Pencil Economics @UtraveliWork 27/04/2012 05:14:55 WIB
As a Laker/Angel/Kings fan, I always knew Boston fans were either racist or bandwagoners #feverpitch #steroids
@Broooins 27/04/2012 05:19:36 WIB
I do not want to be associated with these particular Bruins Fans. Do all yourselves a favor and just GTFO of my town! #RealBruinsFans
Earl Skakel @EarlSkakel 27/04/2012 05:26:39 WIB
The more and more I read these tweets the happier it makes me see a black player score the game winning goal that sent the Bruins packing. You people are unreal to have these kinds of views in 2012. Good luck in the future you racist pigs. Joel Ward is la
Sinister Sioux @SinisterSioux 27/04/2012 05:30:46 WIB
They don't even have the guts to leave their accounts open.
Hiero82 @Hiero82 27/04/2012 05:34:24 WIB
@gorgeousgreg10 Greg I hope you get hit by a milk truck and get creamed like a motherfucker.
Hiero82 @Hiero82 27/04/2012 05:34:56 WIB
@joepelosi Please don't have children ever.
Hiero82 @Hiero82 27/04/2012 05:36:44 WIB
@Khall1013 This is why we can't have nice things.
jerone w. @jizza617 27/04/2012 05:43:05 WIB
Born and raised in Boston all my life and to be honest with u I'm not surprised about all the ignorant ass people out there,,, I'm glad they lost,,, ha ha ha,,, go kill yourselves now lmao,,, all u people that talk shit behind a keyboard know damm well u
jerone w. @jizza617 27/04/2012 05:47:20 WIB
Hay I think I'm gonna get more black people into hockey,,, take over that sport too,,, lol lol
Veronica Hansen @VeronicaHansen7 27/04/2012 05:48:27 WIB
what a fucking joke. this isnt 1865 anymore the african americans have the right to whatever the fuck they want. I am a proud New York Rangers fan living in Cape Cod Mass among the Bruins fans. real tasteless Boston. i have a respect for your teams, mainl
Obi Woke Kinobi ™ @BallSixOFour 27/04/2012 05:54:51 WIB
i would like to commend one of the racists for manning up and apologizing, he left his O.G post and has apologized profusely. nice to see one of these guys man up.!/Spee_Durr
Brendan O'Connell™ @boconnell58 27/04/2012 06:22:45 WIB
Accidently RT one of these with my thumb when i was scrolling down and couldn't undo it. In no way am I racist and i respect Joel ward as much as any NHL player. I'm a bruins fan but would never want to be classified as a racist. Much respect to all black
Dr. King Schultz @peras13 27/04/2012 06:44:23 WIB
All of you cursing at these people are just as immature and unintelligent as the people who made these comments. Please do the world a favor and read a dictionary so you can loathe these people for their grotesque tweets and actually use meaningful words.
Bruinsfan199420 @Ashur_theSyrian 27/04/2012 06:58:42 WIB
Having turned the game off 1 second after the goal, and seeing all this shit today, All i can think is WHO THE HELL IS JOEL WARD? He's Black ? Who fucking knew? Most importantly, Who fucking cares? Fucking Black Eye for B's fans, by B's fans... Don't Drin
@fishielover1124 27/04/2012 07:02:27 WIB
Seriously? All because he's black? I'm really starting to hate society nowadays. So what if he's black? They won. Get over it. This racism needs to stop. It's fucking disgusting -_-
jerone w. @jizza617 27/04/2012 07:06:08 WIB
Thats why free agents and athletes don't want to come to Boston,,, people and the media are just too damm ignorant,,, always talking shit about people,,, and when athletes do come here for a while and leave they talk shit about the place,,,
Brendan O'Connell™ @boconnell58 27/04/2012 07:07:49 WIB
I'm a Bruins fan and I'm just saying we had the first black player in the NHL... sooo
Takeitish @takeitish 27/04/2012 08:46:49 WIB
Been Hockey fan since I was a child was never a Bruins fan Did the happy dance when they lost! Sad that the only things these pathetic fans could pick on was he was the fact that a black guy scored the win they couldn't admit their team got out played and
Matt Wentland @geophage 27/04/2012 10:43:21 WIB
kudos to twitter and the internet for not bleeping and censoring racist words. we need to drag it out into sunlight and roast these cockroaches. hope they lose their jobs and friends.
Will Chandler @willchandler2 27/04/2012 11:13:50 WIB
Hmmm, so all racists don't live in the South. Thanks Boston for making that abundantly clear. Absolutely despicable.
brianna @brianna82721487 27/04/2012 11:36:18 WIB
You bunch of cry babies! Ward is nothing but a PRO hockey player! makes more money than any of you! Sore losers! Caps have heart PERIOD! All of you should be ashamed to call yourself fans at all! You are a disgrace to hockey and a disgrace to your team!
Jay Mani @JayTrdr 27/04/2012 19:33:52 WIB
Absolutely preposterous! These morons should all be marked on Twitter!
@AsianJones 27/04/2012 19:45:42 WIB
disgusted by all you racist son of a bitches!
ATX @actiontoyxpress 27/04/2012 19:59:09 WIB
Every single one of you ignorant jackasses should be ashamed. I'm humiliated to be a Bruins fan amongst people like you. But every single one of you would do it again I have no doubt. Im so sorry Joel Ward. Not all Bruins fans are like this. It was a good
Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D. @TheGr8BamBeano 27/04/2012 20:05:09 WIB
@dharker1992 You have like 4 comments in a row on here. Get a life you fucking loser.
rachel box @foxxxyboxxxy 28/04/2012 00:46:37 WIB
sad. embarassing. disgusting. the best part is clicking on some of these twitter handles and going to their page... some people apologizing for their tweet, but its too late. lol. dumbasses.
413Masshole™ @marydouwana 28/04/2012 04:41:30 WIB
First I'm a B* s fan second I don't condone this racism third fuck you cock suckers who say all you #Bruin fans, don't include me motherfuckers!
Tom Catt @TomCatt68 28/04/2012 06:08:49 WIB
And some people think that racism is dead in this country.I'm not lumping all Bruin fans nor all Bostonians in the same category as these imbeciles.That would be just like the racist people that do the same to ALL African-Americans when they refer to us b
UK Jerry lawrence @ukjerry007 28/04/2012 06:10:13 WIB
I like to see one of the Boston newspapers to take up this am publish Names and pictures of these skinheads! Asslickers! The #BBN ousted and stomped to remove their Darwin gene. Thirty years ago. And taking Four of our Eight! Let see the real Bruin fans c
UK Jerry lawrence @ukjerry007 28/04/2012 06:13:15 WIB
Let's see the real Bruins clean up their SKINHEAD Dog SHIT!
@nocdib 28/04/2012 11:48:30 WIB
Great job, Chirpstory. Thanks to you making this scum famous most of them deleted their twitter accounts. Amazing how being behind a computer makes people feel anonymous until they quickly find out that they aren't.
Roger Pogoda @Pogoda 28/04/2012 19:45:08 WIB
Big surprise. Boston loses at something and handles it like a bunch of pouting children. Remember being a child and saying a bad word just to get your mommy's attention? That's what all of these bitter, racist clowns are doing. Enjoy your long offseason, @dat_dude_max 29/04/2012 05:06:41 WIB
I'm so ashamed after reading these comments. I'm a black man who is proud to call Boston home and proudly support the Bruins. Things like this are just a reminder of how ignorant so many people are. They hide behind their computers to but most would not
Guz Brink @GuzBrink 24/02/2013 17:25:56 WIB
Very useful post. This is my first time i visit here. I found so many interesting stuff in your blog especially its discussion. Really its great article. Keep it up.
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