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#Norway: #Breivik Trial: Day 8 (Archive)

Steve Gorelick @sgorelick

#Breivik tragedy in #Norway, 80+ deaths & 100+ injured in country of 5 million, touched countless friends, family, acquaintances.

24/04/2012 22:19:39 WIB
Lars Bevanger @lbevanger

Back in Oslo district court for day 8 of #Breivik trial. Defendant expected to take witness stand to give evidence for the last time.

25/04/2012 12:22:00 WIB
Lars Bevanger @lbevanger

@IKKI_BOM Police investigators say they have no reason to believe he had any accomplices.

25/04/2012 12:31:48 WIB
Trygve Sorvaag @TrygveSorvaag

This is of course day 8 of the #Breivik trial. Reporting from inside court room 250.

25/04/2012 13:56:29 WIB
Trygve Sorvaag @TrygveSorvaag

Defence lawyer Geir Lippestad not attending today. #Breivik

25/04/2012 13:58:54 WIB
Trygve Sorvaag @TrygveSorvaag

Court presented with further coroner’s reports from covernment quarter this morning. #Breivik

25/04/2012 14:04:10 WIB
Trygve Sorvaag @TrygveSorvaag

Today: 4 remaining coroner’s reports Oslo, first victims who survived bombing and #Breivik get chance to comment on 1st psychiatric report

25/04/2012 14:07:57 WIB
Lars Bevanger @lbevanger

#Breivik court hears coroners' reports of four further victims from Oslo bomb. The violence of the blast is evident from the evidence.

25/04/2012 14:10:32 WIB
Lars Bevanger @lbevanger

I am tweeting from the press centre in the court house, which has live feed from court room 250. #Breivik

25/04/2012 14:11:04 WIB
Lars Bevanger @lbevanger

#Breivik is expected to give evidence after lunch local time, defending his sanity against initial psychiatric report concluding he's insane

25/04/2012 14:13:25 WIB
Lars Bevanger @lbevanger

#Breivik court hears another coroner's report from bomb blast, out of a total of 8.

25/04/2012 14:14:12 WIB
Trygve Sorvaag @TrygveSorvaag

I am not reporting details of the coroner's reports as they are too graphic and very personal. 3 of 4 reports presented now. #Breivik

25/04/2012 14:15:55 WIB
Lars Bevanger @lbevanger

#Breivik court hears last coroner's report from bomb site. All eight reports speak of immense violence from blast.

25/04/2012 14:18:44 WIB
Lars Bevanger @lbevanger

The court will hear 69 more coroner's reports over six days in a few weeks, from #Breivik's shootings at Utoya.

25/04/2012 14:20:14 WIB
Trygve Sorvaag @TrygveSorvaag

Not sure why #Breivik's main defence lawyer Geir Lipestad not in court today. Defence lawyer Vibeke Hein Bæra told judge it was planned.

25/04/2012 14:20:39 WIB
Richard Galpin @RgalpinBBC

Not a flicker of emotion from #breivik as autopsy reports read out in court describing remains of men and women blown apart by his bomb

25/04/2012 14:21:54 WIB
Trygve Sorvaag @TrygveSorvaag

Court presented with last coroner's report of the eight deceased in the bomb in government quarter. #Breivik

25/04/2012 14:22:35 WIB
Lars Bevanger @lbevanger

RT @Richardgalpin: Not a flicker of emotion from #breivik as autopsy reports read out in court

25/04/2012 14:22:40 WIB
Trygve Sorvaag @TrygveSorvaag

Sadness filling court room 250 from the very beginning today as families get details of how their loved ones died in bomb blast. #Breivik

25/04/2012 14:23:49 WIB
Trygve Sorvaag @TrygveSorvaag

#Breivik in discussion with one of his defence lawyers as court is adjourned for a break.

25/04/2012 14:27:10 WIB
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