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WantWords TV

Rainy London (Val) @rainylondon

Happy Monday! While we look forward to the new #WantWordsTV episode, check out last week's, featuring yours truly...

08/04/2013 15:03:17 WIB
Rainy London (Val) @rainylondon

Did u miss this? Yours truly, @rainylondon on #WantWordsTV 5: How important is a business identity and branding?

06/04/2013 18:23:16 WIB
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Julia Graham Ⓥ @juliamarygraham

@KCtraduzioni @LSTrans Thanks for the RTs, ladies :-). Wonder what will be in store for next week's #WantWordsTV! #excited @mstelmaszak

04/04/2013 03:30:38 WIB
Rainy London (Val) @rainylondon

Today... I'm on #WantWordsTV! See me in action with Wantwords (Thanks M.) answering one of your questions. Of...

03/04/2013 00:17:18 WIB
Rainy London (Val) @rainylondon

my previous tweet is SO related to one of my talks! Stay tuned and you'll see it soon on #WantWordsTV via @mstelmaszak

02/04/2013 22:22:31 WIB


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