Tweets from #SoCon11

A compilation of Tweets from SoCon11, held from February 4-5 in Atlanta, Georgia. Highlights include speeches from Sam De La Garza, Lee Rainie, Victor Hernandez and others, discussions of multiple account usage, full time Tweeters, and more, and some very strange photos. Event site:
socon media networking social event
Matt Smith @mattstech
A million fans and a million fans that are engaged are two totally separate things. Numbers aren't everything. #socon11
Jay Lambert @LambertJay
Consumers are so educated about products today, salespeople need to be even more informed - @samdelag #SoCon11
Josh Martin @Jmart730
Very few brands have learned how to engage in social networks. #SoCon11
Bex Mitchell @SocialBex
HAHAHAHA! RT @ajc: They chain me to a desk bigger than the elevator. RT @Kentarawil: Why is no one from @ajc here at #socon11?
Alison Law @alisonlaw
Resorted to BlackBerry. RT @Mallory8: Ditto. Cant even get ipad to work. RT @Graybs13 #SoCon11 connectivity #fail. Using 3G to tweet.
Tiffany Deluccia @TiffanyDeluccia
When does interacting w/ 1,000,000 Facebook friends become less personal and more like mass communication? #SoCon11
Dorothy Poppins. @YoungKayJo
Haha!> RT @ajc: They chain me to a desk bigger than the elevator. RT @Kentarawil: Why is no one from @ajc here at #socon11?
Denise Quashie @DQtweets
Figuring out if followers are really engaged or just tuned in is extremely difficult to understand. #SoCon11
@mattstech Great tweets from #socon11. Feel like I'm there. Thanks.
Sharina R. Harris @sharinaR
As a brand you want community to be engaged vs. talking via Dermont Waters #Socon11
Kim N Carswell @PersonaAffairs
Looking at talking about engagement versus real Brand Engagement beyond PR tag #SoCon11
Brendon Schwartz @brendonschwartz
#socon11 what i learned, companies use social for selling, consumers use it for buying, there must be a common ground
Chris Sullivan @csull
Getting 1-2 million Facebook fans is fairly methodical. PR approach helps make this easier. #socon11
Matt Smith @mattstech
Awkwardly sitting on the floor in the back. #socon11
Matt Smith @mattstech
Remember seeing a tweet at last year's SoCon saying "Wonder how many iPads we'll see next year." #socon11
Grayson Daughters @SpaceyG
@ajc, y'all got anyone at #SoCon11 today? People are asking. Imma just sayin'...
M. Gresham @MeMyselfAndM
Multiple identities online serve one main purpose: avoiding being friended by your mom. #socon11
Charma Parker @Charma_Parker
<Just smile like I did! ;)>RT @MeMyselfAndM: I'm being photographed. #socon11
Kelly Vandever @KellyVandever
One on one engagement from company to particular person who has question Phil Bienert, @dermotwaters #socon11
Chris Sullivan @csull
More comments about your mom friending you on @Facebook at #socon11.
"My mom tried to "friend" me. Which is why I have multiple identities." AT&T's Bienert. #Socon11
Bex Mitchell @SocialBex
It's distracting, isn't it?? RT @MeMyselfAndM: I'm being photographed. #socon11
Matt Ranlett @mranlett
Broadcast & 1:1 (Facebook & Twitter) improve brand awareness and value, but the secret sauce is customer segmentation #socon11
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