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#EMchat 66: Low-Income Students & Recruitment

Tonight's discussion centered around low-income students and recruitment. Tons of new faces which is always a great thing. A fantastic conversation, especially our final thoughts section--enjoy! Join #EMchat every Thursday at 9pm ET!
Jillian Hiscock (she/her) @jhiscock

We're talking low-income students and the college search tonight on #EMchat. Join us at 8pm CST!

05/04/2013 03:58:23 WIB
Jillian Hiscock (she/her) @jhiscock

13 minutes until #EMchat? Get your beverage of choice ready! It's gonna be a doozie tonight!

05/04/2013 07:47:52 WIB
Alex Williams @AlexMWilliams_

Rolling out tonight's discussion on low-income students and the college search in just a few minutes! #highered #admissions #emchat

05/04/2013 07:55:29 WIB
Jennielle Strother @EMjennielle

@FirstGenCollege Not for me tonight -- big glass of wine, thanks to @ColinStrother. It's been a long week (and it's a short one!) #EMchat

05/04/2013 08:00:01 WIB
Alex Williams @AlexMWilliams_

It's 9pm on the east coast and this is my excessive tweet warning. Who's joining tonight for #emchat

05/04/2013 08:00:15 WIB
Laura Jae @laurajaems

Hi everyone. Holy moly it's been a doozy of a week. Excited to connect (and commiserate). #emchat

05/04/2013 08:01:46 WIB
Jennielle Strother @EMjennielle

@timdunning Hi Tim! Remind me which conferences you attend again #EMchat

05/04/2013 08:02:13 WIB
Alex Williams @AlexMWilliams_

I'm Alex and MOD tonight, we're discussing low-income students and recruitment. Join in at any time with comments/questions! #emchat

05/04/2013 08:02:17 WIB

I will need a transcript of tonight's #EmChat . I'm doing a project on low-income college students. I'd like to use some of this info.

05/04/2013 08:02:26 WIB
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