shonda rhimes @shondarhimes
I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHEN SHOWS AIR. I do not have anything to do with the fact that we are not on for 3 weeks. #donottweetmeyourcrazy
KimmyMonique @KimmyMonique
Lol Shonda said PIPE DOWN! Lol and we all know we will scratch and itch till it comes back on #SCANDAL http://t.co/kFY9qGYgbg
[Bri]ona @Bri_M_A_Watkins
THREE WEEKS...WHAT THE FFFFFFFFFFF??!!! I can't wait that long for scandal 😰
Camilla Kay @RandomlyShe
Yes Miss Shonda just got REAL with her tweet she is NOT responsible for the 3 week break...ABC I'm coming for you STOP PLAYING #Scandal
Ms.K Jeanelle @The_FireCracka
Scandal why must you be so addicting? 🙆🙈😩
Bunny @scandaleurope
@ScandalVersary @Scandal_DH leave us with this #olitz pain moment and then 3 weeks hiatus to be wondering what's next for #Olitz.......?
MGarcia M.Ed @MsMarieGarcia
You know you got it #Scandal bad, when your up at 5am rewatchn, n worried for @kerrywashington OP than what's happn in NKorea n China news.
mingusss @mingusss
Life lessons from #scandal : when you enter a love triangle make sure that both men aren't murders.
💜🎶⚽〽️Wendy Woo〽️⚽️🎶💜 @MsHighbury
Scandal season 2, episode 19 is on 25th April???? WHAT????? You have got to be frigging kidding me.
Jalen Fair @Jtfair03
Scandal is getting soooooo good!!!
HIATUS @helloitsme08765
@busha69 it was so freaking hard watching mnet scandal after i realized i was woohyun biased ;A; i still cant seem to finish it
Joey's Daughter @amariesings
#ScandalObsessed b/c in the words of Wale, "we keep coming back for more, keep coming back for more.." # @ScandalABC
C. Smith @DivaLoyal1
@jacquereid You weren't dreaming Girl. I still can't believe it! 3 loonnnng weeks with no #Scandal! #sayitain'tso
MC @MarissaCrystina
Had to watch #Scandal during lunch... Speechless. Okay #shonda yup I'm a #gladiator lol
yungpoca. @pocvhontas_
Finna watch this episode of scandal one more time before I nap.
Lace of Spade @silkyflowsick
Soooo according to my TL, there ain't another Scandal for 3 weeks?! Look @ GAWD!!
Tracey @Marys1stborn
OMG just reading the tweets from last nights #Scandal too funny when they said 3 weeks people went AWF Lol
Mother of B🐶tch🐶s 🤗 @number1feeling
Photoset: compactiscute: Last time on Scandal… Death at the Harpo comment!!! http://t.co/dt6gU4oRwa
D @wukster
WTF is this bullshit?! There's too much happening right now?! I can't take it all in!Shonda frigging Rhimes has blown our minds! #scandalABC
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