[FYI] David Cook, Richard Marx, John Fields et al Twitter Chatter

Will David Cook and Richard Marx get together for a songwriting session? Will John Fields then produce it (i.e., "make it sound like a huge ass hit")? Fans are staying tuned ...
Richard Marx @richardmarx
"@emmadexter 25m @thedavidcook is singing Right Here in KC!" Come on, David…lemme hear it!!!!
Richard Marx @richardmarx
@FallBackIntoMe: What do @thedavidcook and @VerticalHorizon have in common? @richardmarx. Just sayin'. Lol! ;)” Makes me sound slutty.
David Cook @thedavidcook
@VerticalHorizon @dinnac4t I'm sorry, you guys, I couldn't hear you over my stereo blasting all these Vertical Horizon albums! BOOM!!!!!!!!
Vertical Horizon @VerticalHorizon
@dinnac4t @thedavidcook Of course he does. We're his favorite band ever of all time ever. By leaps and bounds even. Just ask him!
Richard Marx @richardmarx
@SweetSarah37 @thedavidcook No, no...it's just timing and scheduling. Plus I have to wait until David's restraining order on me lapses.
Sarah M @SweetSarah37
@richardmarx I thought there was a rumbling of you and @thedavidcook writing together? Did I get all excited for nothing? #MatchMadeInHeaven
John Fields @strawberrius
@richardmarx @thedavidcook spank = studio geek talk for "make it sound like a huge ass hit" ;)
John Fields @strawberrius
@thedavidcook @richardmarx shheeeezz you 2 together - i will spank that track
Vonnie @MBenz01
@richardmarx Richard, why dont u get together with @thedavidcook to write a gorgeous song like u and him can write? I know it would be magic


Kelly B. @mainedcfan1 22/04/2012 13:12:51 WIB
Yes, yes, yes!!! David Cook + Richard Marx = Ultimate Win!!! You know you gotta do this....pretty please? :)
•sandy• @dcfan_22 22/04/2012 13:14:19 WIB
Sounds like a great great idea!
•sandy• @dcfan_22 20/01/2013 15:35:12 WIB
@richardmarx great answer...but that would be pretty awesome!
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