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#Norway: #Breivik Trial Day 5 (Archive) *VERY DIFFICULT TO READ*

Live tweeets by four journalists @matthewwprice (BBC), @paulrbrennan (freelance, AJE), @TrygveSorvaag (freelance, Sky News) and @helenpidd (Guardian). Days 1 - 4 (Price's and Brennan's tweets):
Trygve Sorvaag @TrygveSorvaag

Press conference to start in 25 minutes. Hear from prosecutor and defence on this horrowing day at #Breivik trial #Oslo

19/04/2012 21:05:07 WIB
Trygve Sorvaag @TrygveSorvaag

We can not protect agains harsh details tomorrow when we question #Breivik about Utøya.

19/04/2012 21:22:48 WIB
Trygve Sorvaag @TrygveSorvaag

Prosecutor about tomorrow in #Breivik trial: Expect difficult day when deal with details on Utøya.

19/04/2012 21:30:43 WIB
Trygve Sorvaag @TrygveSorvaag

Council for the aggrieved parties about today in court. "Difficult day".

19/04/2012 21:38:41 WIB
Trygve Sorvaag @TrygveSorvaag

Reactions from family and survivors. See #Breivik as "Evil, dangerous and opens wounds". #Breivik

19/04/2012 21:39:45 WIB
Trygve Sorvaag @TrygveSorvaag

Council for aggrieved parties encourage people to leave court tomorrow if it becomes too difficult. Will be very hard. #Breivik

19/04/2012 21:40:27 WIB
Trygve Sorvaag @TrygveSorvaag

"Day full of evil" says council for aggrieved parties. #Breivik

19/04/2012 21:42:15 WIB
Trygve Sorvaag @TrygveSorvaag

#Breivik stopped home made rightwing greeting because defence lawyer Lippestad asked him to stop. Press conference.

19/04/2012 21:48:07 WIB
Trygve Sorvaag @TrygveSorvaag

"I have heard worse than this from #Breivik" says defence lawyer Lippestad. Might come even worse later.

19/04/2012 21:49:21 WIB
Trygve Sorvaag @TrygveSorvaag

Tomorrow will be the most difficult day so far, says defence lawyer Lippestad. #Breivik

19/04/2012 21:50:40 WIB
Matthew Price @_Matthew_Price

#Breivik lawyer tells me it's hard to hear what he has to say. But remember this is a court case. He has the right to give his evidence.

19/04/2012 21:53:34 WIB
Trygve Sorvaag @TrygveSorvaag

Defence: Tomorrow: we will focus on where he get his knowledge from plus radicalisation. #Breivik

19/04/2012 21:55:12 WIB
Paul Brennan @paulrbrennan

Court has of course finished for the day. My script is delivered, the piece-to-camera done, and there's a live report at ten past. #Breivik

19/04/2012 21:55:30 WIB
Trygve Sorvaag @TrygveSorvaag

Defence layer Lippestad did not know if #Breivik would stop the salute until he did stop.

19/04/2012 22:01:19 WIB
Trygve Sorvaag @TrygveSorvaag

Logging out here in court room 250 in Oslo district court now. Back tomorrow for another harrowing day. #Breivik

19/04/2012 22:04:13 WIB
Matthew Price @_Matthew_Price

See #Breivik TV report on @BBCNews at 6pm in the UK and worldwide on @BBCWorld from 1700GMT

19/04/2012 23:17:00 WIB
Paul Brennan @paulrbrennan

Good morning from Oslo. Today at the #Breivik trial, the day will start with his Defence lawyers asking him about Thursday's testimony.

20/04/2012 12:40:07 WIB
Paul Brennan @paulrbrennan

Then the Prosecution will pick up from where they left off on Thursday: at point where #Breivik was on mainland waiting for ferry to Utoya.

20/04/2012 12:41:26 WIB
Paul Brennan @paulrbrennan

#Breivik trial: Survivors and bereaved relatives from Utoya have been warned that today might be a very difficult day for them.

20/04/2012 12:43:12 WIB
Paul Brennan @paulrbrennan

#Breivik trial: Relatives have been told that if they feel the need to leave the courtroom during the evidence, then they should do so.

20/04/2012 12:44:36 WIB
Paul Brennan @paulrbrennan

I'll be there from 0900 CET, but I may need to do a live broadcast for #AJE before going in. #Breivik

20/04/2012 12:45:48 WIB
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