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A #Nobel Peace Prize for #WikiLeaks' #Assange?!

Compiled below is a compilation of reactions to the news that Julian Assange's WikiLeaks has been nominated for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize. Commentators prove highly polarized in their opinions, with many speculating that such an award would nullify the meaning of Obama's win last year. A video about the nomination: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orhZOOaW3dQ
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ひだ @izraeil_
I find it quite interesting that #WikiLeaks is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and not Julian #Assange himself.
Rick @rklipman
Wikileaks nominated for 2011's Nobel Peace Prize? In other news, Julian Assange died yesterday, crushed under the weight of his own head.
If Wikileaks wins the Nobel Peace Prize, how will Obama (a former winner himself) justify prosecuting Assange?
Al Jazeera English @AJEnglish
WikiLeaks nominated for Nobel: Norwegian MP says whistleblowing website is a "natural contender" for 2011 Nobel ... http://aje.me/ggtRvW
Brain @waddatwit
Julian Assange a Nobel Peace Prize winner? Why not - it always goes to the headcases.
@USRealityCheck Poetic Justice..China imprisons it NOBEL..U.S. Says naughty, naughty..Obama gets one & Biden wants Assange dead.
Alex @tskjockey
Of the sterling nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize, I'd rather have George Ryan win than Julian Assange. Yes, they're both nominated.
Anyone else think the #WikiLeaks nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize is just an elaborate way of luring Assange to Sweden?
Michelle McCarron @mmcphoto
Wikileaks nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize??Well if Obama could win it, surely it's a walk in the park for Assange & Co.
Whoever nominated Assange for the Nobel Peace Price deserves to burn in hell along side him. Dahmer can have a little Lecter fun with them.
Tintomara @skattebu
ASSange & WikiLeaks suggested nominated to the Nobel Peace Price. Hmm, maybe armageddon ain't that far away after all.
Claire @clairemarieking
Julian Assange has been nominated for the '11 Nobel Peace prize for his dedication to free speach through wikileaks. GOLD!!!!!
Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald
This is absurd - they don't have near enough drone attacks, escalated wars, civilian kills or hit lists needed to win: http://is.gd/U2lUjC
Eric James Hiltner @EJH3K
Wikileaks was just nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for Freedom of Speech. I hope they get it. Assange is doing an incredible thing.
mr. uh, clem @dykhouse
of course, i'm ecstatic for assange and nobel nod, but any "peace" prize awarded to henry kissinger and barack obama, well, ain't worth dick
Andy Borowitz @BorowitzReport
Julian Assange says he was excited to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize "when I found out weeks ago."
Heather Rutter @heatherbell2
Julian Assange was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize!? That man inspires anything but peace in me!
Ken Mogi @kenmogi
Good Job! I fully support. @hashimoto_tokyo WikiLeaks nominated for Nobel http://bit.ly/gkwt7S
Remi Kanazi @Remroum
WikiLeaks nominated for Nobel. They should also ask for Barack Obama's back
WikiLeaks @wikileaks
Why I Nominated WikiLeaks for the Nobel Peace Prize http://is.gd/QGaXmF
Paul Myers @PaulMyersBBC
Assange is up for a Nobel Prize. I guess "Durex Man of the Year" was always gonna be out if the question! I wonder if he'll go to Sweden...
Atefeh. @mrsbernanke
Can we please stop caling Assange a Nobel Peace Prize nominee? Wikileaks =/= Assange, idc how much large his ego is.
The Project @theprojecttv
Julian Assange won't win the Nobel Peace Prize. He knows that because someone leaked it.
Haye @heng_yang
I agree Julian Assange nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. He and #wikileaks deserve that Prize.
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