#edchatie Number 88

A weekly discussion by Irish educators. The topic was "Advice you wished you had known when training to become a teacher literacy and numeracy", Mon 25th March, 2013. This was based on the suggestions of student teachers from the #mets13Read More
fboss @fboss

Tonight's #edchatie on advice when becoming a teacher will be collated & published on the wiki http://t.co/hc1nA4xDJI tomorrow

26/03/2013 03:19:19 WIB
fboss @fboss

Tnx to the student teachers @ #mets13 for a range of questions for tonight's #edchatie on advice you wish you knew when becoming a teacher

26/03/2013 03:22:36 WIB
fboss @fboss

And tnx to the educators who gave some advice through #edchatie to the #mets13 student teachers.I'll be popping questions + advice in tweets

26/03/2013 03:23:37 WIB
fboss @fboss

Don't forget to include the hashtag #edchatie in all of your tweets on tonight's topic so they can be collated and published on the wiki

26/03/2013 03:27:34 WIB
fboss @fboss

Welcome to tonight's #edchatie - but, as usual, before we kick off on the topic, please introduce yourself (don't forget the hashtag!)

26/03/2013 03:30:08 WIB
Susan Leahy @susanleahy

MT @fboss: In 5 mins on #edchatie we're looking for advice you wish you'd had when training to become a teacher. Join in & share #pde12

26/03/2013 03:30:46 WIB
John Heffernan @johnmayo

john in Mayo #edchatie Expect a heavy stream this evening

26/03/2013 03:31:44 WIB
Ciara Reilly @PrimEdTeacher

Hi all, Ciara from 'home-home' (Kilkenny!) tonight. Hope everyone enjoyed Day 1 of 'holidays' :) #edchatie

26/03/2013 03:31:48 WIB
Susan Leahy @susanleahy

Looking forward to this #edchatie Susan, secondary teacher in Dublin, doing some work in initial & further teacher education too.

26/03/2013 03:31:51 WIB

Second-level teacher in Dublin, hi all. #edchatie

26/03/2013 03:32:18 WIB
Mrs_Glew @megan_0791

@fboss I'm in the final year at Brighton Uni about to start my NQT year! #edchatie

26/03/2013 03:32:23 WIB
fboss @fboss

@megan_noon91 Nail-biting time then :-) Hopefully you'll get something out of tonight's discussion on #edchatie for the next hour

26/03/2013 03:33:11 WIB
Paudie Scanlon @paud_ie

#edchatie Paudie a dip student in Cork. Have a few things to add I'd say.

26/03/2013 03:33:21 WIB
William Jenkins @EdTech_Stories

@fboss Hello first visit to #edchatie not an educator or from sunny IE, but passionate about Edu and doing some work on Ed Bloggers & Chats

26/03/2013 03:33:22 WIB
Rachel McGuinness @Rachmcguss

Rachel in donegal, doing my PDE in NUIM #pde12 teaching in west dublin #edchatie

26/03/2013 03:33:43 WIB
Mrs_Glew @megan_0791

@fboss I think it will be fantastic, perfect timing! #edchatie

26/03/2013 03:34:12 WIB
fboss @fboss

Fred Boss, second level art teacher, now helping to teach teachers too in http://t.co/YxFCgpZaIf (formerly NCTE) #edchatie

26/03/2013 03:34:25 WIB
E Tumelty @Tumedel

Edel,second level teacher,on phone this evening so may be abit behind #edchatie

26/03/2013 03:35:03 WIB
Fiona Farry @ffarry1

Hi all #edchatie folks - Fiona - primary teaching principal in Donegal

26/03/2013 03:35:08 WIB
Ciara Reilly @PrimEdTeacher

I'd tell myself that the 'ologies' that you thought were an aside in college will frame your day & give you reason/understanding. #edchatie

26/03/2013 03:35:38 WIB
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