Tweets from #StrataConf

A compilation of Tweets from the O’Reilly Strata Conference: Making Data Work held in Santa Clara, California. Highlights included keynotes by Zane Adam, Ed Boyajian, Amber Case, Alistair Croll, and others, and a plethora of talks, tutorials, and more. Event site:
data strata BIG conference
Dave Kincaid @davekincaid
Day 1 of #strataconf. First up all day data bootcamp. Sounds like it's going to be great
Orion Montoya @mdcclv
My JFK-SFO flight to #strataconf just boarded: looking good to beat the Worst Storm Ever. Hope NYC is still here next week.
Thomson Reuters @thomsonreuters
The O'Reilly Strata Conference (#strataconf) starts today and we're Premier Diamond Sponsors. Look out for news on
Joseph A. di Paolantonio @JAdP
was up early and is halfway out the door to @strataconf - balancing the #Pentaho #PDI #Hadoop work at the client with #strataconf sessions
Joseph A. di Paolantonio @JAdP
I miss @CZDS every minute, but events like #strataconf & #PGPS really drive home not being with her #hope4CZDS
CloudBees @CloudBees
If you attend #strataconf this week, @ctennis from #CloudBees will be around if you want to meet and discuss about DEV&RUN@cloud!
If you attend #strataconf this week, @ctennis from #CloudBees will be around if you want to meet and discuss about DEV&RUN@cloud!
Celeste @cellbubbles
@AshfordDavis sure wish I could attend #TYP tonight, but heading to the #strataconf
Ryan Brunner @ryanbrunner
Lucked out on a hotel for once in SF, and my economy car was upgraded to a Charger. this is going to be a good trip. #strataconf .
O'Reilly UG Program @OReillyUG
Celebrate #strataconf Buy 1, Get 1 Free; Buy 2, Get 2 Free … 30 Essential titles (8 New)
Ana Nelson @ananelson
Would have been great to learn about all these giant required downloads a week ago, instead of in hotel the night b4 w bad wifi. #strataconf
Ana Nelson @ananelson
Hopefully there will be a few USB flash drives/DVDs at the tutorial with the Cassandra VM image we need :-) #strataconf
Impure @impure140
@edd this is a shot on stuff we are preparing: ...more coming #strataconf
david breh @dbreh
I'll be trying to follow the keynotes online. Enjoy the breakouts though. RT @jthomas: I'll be updating when #strataconf goes live.
Jeff Corkran @jcorkran
Data: The Next Industrial Revolution, with the Cube Live at Strata Conference | SiliconANGLE via @rizzn #strataconf
Hilary Mason @hmason
Good morning, #strataconf. Are you ready for the Data Bootcamp?! Code+slides+data:
Ernest Mueller @ernestmueller
Heading out to #strataconf, once I can get this Bulgarian I'm traveling with in motion!
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